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Christian Client Centered Counseling Theory

This is a custom research paper on Christian Client Centered Counseling Theory. It will be centered on the differences between Christian counseling and mainstream counseling. Custom research papers are Paper Masters specialty.

Must discuss in the research paper the following nine elements as well as the difference in nonchristian counseling ;

Body  Christian Client Centered Counseling Theory(The Somatical Self)

Cognition (The Thinking Self)

Feelings (The Feeling Self)

Volition (The Choosing Self)

Human Spirit (Breath of Life)/image of God  (The Core Self) Holy Spirit  (Hopefully in the Core Self) Sin/flesh/SAS (The Soulical Self) Temporal systems (Self influenced by earthly systems) Supernatural systems (Self influenced by eternal systems)

Must discuss the following constructs:

1.   A delineation of personality structure (See the Concentric Circles Diagramming the Self)

2.   What is affirmed regarding the structure of personality?

3.   If structure is disregarded, how are we to think regarding personality?

4.   An explanation of motivation in the research paper

i.  What pushes/drives the structure to produce behaviors?

ii.What impact does the past, present, and future have on behaviors?

iii. What role does the unconscious, preconscious, and conscious mind play in influencing human behavior?

5.   A description of human development

6.   Does personality change across the lifespan?

7.   If personality changes, in what way does it change, how does it change, and how does this impact an individual’s behavior?

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