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Classical Art Research Papers

Classical art is a style of sculpture that was popular in Greece - specifically the city of Athens - in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BC. It is important and remains influential because this style was the first to attempt to show a realistic depiction of the human form. Get help writing a research paper on classical art and its representations or famous artists. Below are a few topic ideas that our writers have suggested for research regarding the classical arts:

  • Choose one classical artists that represents the time-period well and write a research paper on why he/she illustrates this era in art history
  • Explain one work of classical art
  • Discuss the factors and elements that make up a classical era artwork

Previously the Greeks had used Bronze to make statues, but the transition to marble allowed for greater flexibility in depicting realistic human figures. Classical ArtThe style is associated with the rise of democracy and the celebration of individual achievements among the Greeks. the various wars fought by the Greeks against each other, as well as those against the Persians, also prompted public displays of artwork in order to both commemorate the conflicts and provide an ideological justification for them.

The Classical style was also notable for showing different types of individuals, both genders, and different ages. Most ancient artwork before this period tended to depict people less as distinct individuals than as all-purpose representations of a city, kingdom or empire, depending, of course, on their station in life. The classical style spread in later centuries due to the conquests of Alexander the Great during the Hellenistic Period and also by the Roman adoption of many Greek styles. Many Greek works were, in fact, carried back to the city of Rome where they became prized symbols of both the Greek achievement and the Roman inheritance of it.

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