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Civil War

How do you start a Civil War research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Civil War term papers begin at the dawn of the Civil War, when citizens on both sides expected that the war would be over by Christmas.  That seems to be a common false expectation in every war.  There is war talk, public celebrating, pomp and circumstance in preparation, shiny new uniforms and men marching off to the first battle.  When the Union and Confederate soldiers met at Manassas in summer 1861, it became clear that a long and bloody struggle was unfolding.  With the hindsight of history, we can see that Northern triumph was inevitable: the North had both a larger population and almost all of the industrial capacity of the nation.  However, until the guns fall silent, anything seems possible.  How then do the economic and military advantages of both sides compare? Civil War

The South was militarily prepared to go to war.  The neo-chivalric culture that had been fostered throughout the South created in the minds of a large segment of Southern men the idea that they had a natural and superior talent for military arts.  At the time of the Civil War, a significant percentage of the US Army officer corps was comprised of Southerners.  These men began resigning their commissions and returning to their various states, assuming commanding positions in the Confederate Army.  Perhaps the most important of these officers was Robert E. Lee, who had commanded the forces that retook Harper’s Ferry.  Lee was even personally asked by Winfield Scott to assume field command of the Army of the Potomac.

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