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Christian Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of existence and reason. Some philosophers argue that all philosophies require some sort of faith. The Christian philosophy is no different. In fact, some believe that the Christian philosophy requires the same amount of faith as any other philosophy a person may choose to adopt. Christian PhilosophyThe Bible, the Christian’s sacred text, encourages those that adopt a Christian Philosophy to use reason and logic to help further understand the foundations of his/her faith. Followers are discouraged of having blind faith that is unfounded.

Christian Philosophy answers the questions of why humanity exists, how humanity came into existence, and how the world continues to exist. According to Christians, God created humans in his image and he continues to provide for his creation. Christian’s believe that if they live in accordance to God’s will they fulfill their purpose, which is to love God, live to please him, and share him with others.

One foundation of the Christian Philosophy is the belief in the trinity. Christian faith is built upon the premise that God is three parts. God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christian Philosophy is grounded in Jesus Christ and his identity as God’s sent Son. Christian Philosophy is grounded in the practice of mimicking Jesus’ life as an example of how humanity should live.

Another key part of the Christian Philosophy is the significance of the Atonement that came through the sacrifice and death of Jesus, God’s Son. Through the shedding of the perfect sacrifice, humanity has been given an avenue for atonement.

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