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Research Papers on the Christian Coalition

Founded in 1988 by former presidential candidate Pat Robertson, the Christian Coalition was initially designed as a method by which to mobilize voters to impart political and social change. Custom written research paper will examine any aspect of the CC you need studied.

Robertson used his position as a religious television host and political commentator to increase his ranks of supporters well into the millions, creating a mailing list that would serve as a roster for the first iteration of the organization. Christian CoalitionWhile the group applied for tax-exempt status as a charitable group, it was ultimately denied by the Internal Revenue Service as a result of their political activities. A subgroup of the organization, the Christian Coalition of Texas, was granted such a designation, and, as a result, the national organization was reorganized and relocated to Texas where it took on the name Christian Coalition of America.

The organization has engaged in a variety of political activities, from publishing voter guides to holding public protests in support of traditional Christian beliefs. The organization works to meet the following goals:

  • Ensure pro-family beliefs are heard and considered at all levels of government, from local councils to the halls of Congress.
  • The organization has long spoken out publicly about various issues, often utilizing Robertson’s broadcasting methods to achieve this goal.
  • The legislative agenda of the organization includes the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, due in no small part to their belief that it forces Americans to pay for abortive services with their tax dollars, and that Christian business owners are mandated to pay for certain healthcare services that go against their religious beliefs, such as the use of certain forms of contraceptives.
  • The organization also supports the nation of Israel and their right to serve as a Jewish homeland
  • Reducing overall government spending and passing a balanced budget.
  • Contrasting with this latter position, the group also supports a strong and expanded military force, one that can protect the nation from foreign challenges.
  • The Christian Coalition supports protecting Americans from any further erosion of their rights provided by the Second Amendment, defunding and eliminating Planned Parenthood, and ensuring that marriage is constitutionally defined as being between one man and one woman.

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