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Research Papers on the Christian Church

Research paper on the Christian Church cover a wide range of religious sects and Christian ideals. Paper Masters can help you explain any aspect of the Christian Church that you need to write about for a college course.

When asked “what is the Christian Church?” individuals generally describe a group of believers who gather every Sunday to sing, listen to a sermon, and pass the offering plate.  The Christian Church however is much more complex.  It is a broad and diverse mix of denominations whose foundation is based on Jesus Christ and His teachings.  It encompasses more than 50 million persons in approximately 140,000 congregations across the United States.

Christian Church

The Christian Church and Apostle Paul

The Apostle Paul spread the word of Christ and helped to build the Christian church. Although he persecuted Christians wherever he found them during early adulthood, he converted to Christianity and spent the rest of his life teaching the masses about Jesus. The early restorationists were undeniably influenced by the New Testament, especially as it contributed to a greater understanding of early Christianity and the early Christian Church. Some of the primary objectives of the early restorationists were:

  • Renew the authenticity of traditional Christianity, which they believed had the following problems:
    • Been obfuscated by fragmentation
    • Concessions to the world
    • The manipulation of the Scripture
  • Correct, in a single movement, the apostasy of Christian tradition that took centuries to develop

The Early Christian Church

The early Christian Church unburdened by centuries of manipulation that had brought the faith to its knees by the early nineteenth century. Even more, a return to the early Christian Church could be achieved by holding up the Scripture and the New Testament specifically, as the only source of understanding required. Borrowing from Locke, the early restorationists based their philosophy on the significance of the New Testament, not only in its capacity to facilitate a greater human understanding of the faith, but also, by an accurate and hermeneutical approach to its interpretation, its capacity to establish the framework for a true, authenticated and unified Christian Church.

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