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Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Charles Lindbergh was born in Detroit on February 4, 1902 to Charles August and Evangeline Lindbergh.  He grew up on a large farm, 110 acres, near Little Falls, Minnesota.  Throughout his childhood, Charles was much more interested in interacting with his world than devoting time to studies.  In fact, he barely graduated from high school due to bad grades.  In the end, the gained his diploma through a government program that allowed youths who promised to work growing food on family farms to graduate.

Lindbergh's Early Life

After two years of running the family farm, Lindbergh enrolled at the University of Wisconsin.  Scholastic endeavors still held little interest for Charles, and he found himself in danger of failing out of school.  During his second year, an airplane landed on campus, drawing Lindbergh toward his long-held dream of flying.  He quit college, and began taking flying lessons at an aircraft company in Nebraska.  Lindbergh’s first flight was in April 1922.Charles Lindbergh

From this, came Lindbergh’s career as a 1920’s barnstormer.  Barnstormers were pilots who flew around the country performing aviation shows and offering people rides for a small fee.  The pilot remembers charging $5.00 for five to ten minutes.  Lindbergh’s experiences as a barnstormer led him to the United States Army, whose flying school he entered in 1924.  He graduated first in his Army flight class and accepted a position as airmail pilot on the dangerous Chicago to St. Louis route.

This man’s most famous accomplishment was his flight from New York to Paris, a feat no one before him had achieved.  In 1919, Raymond Ortieg offered a $25,000 prize for anyone who could make such a flight.  To the rest of the world, anyone who attempted this flight should have an enviable wartime flying record or have demonstrated his skill to the world.  Lindbergh thought, however:

Lindbergh's Flight

Why shouldn’t I fly from New York to Paris?…I have more than four years of aviation behind me, and close to two thousand hours in the air.  I’ve barnstormed over half of the forty-eight states.  I’ve flown mail through the worst of nights… Why am I not qualified for such a flight?

This sense of self-confidence allowed Charles Lindbergh to convince St. Louis businessmen to supply financial support to his flight effort.  This quote shows that Charles Lindbergh was successful because he never feared he would not be.  On May 21, 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first man to fly alone non-stop across the Atlantic when he landed the Spirit of St. Louis at Le Bourget Field.

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