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Characteristics of Gifted Children

Characteristics of Gifted Children is one of many research paper topics that Paper Masters provides. Use this topic suggestion as a guide on how to write a paper or order your own custom research paper.

From the outside, gifted and talented students do not look any different from their peers; there are no discernible physical traits that set them apart from those around them. There are some behaviors that instructors can look for when they suspect that a student is gifted, however. Students that are found to be gifted or talented are often very observant, with their curiosity evident regarding the world around them. This curiosity is not limited to the physical world, as students that identify as gifted or talented are often inquisitive with regards to social or philosophical issues as well. They are often very sensitive, emotionally and physically, and display a great deal of empathy with regards to the concepts of fairness and justice, even for individuals they do not know personally.

List of Characteristics of Gifted Children

  1. Their interests are varied, both inside the classroom and outside. Characteristics of Gifted Children
  2. They often have a vivid memory, a flexible way of thinking, and can approach a problem creatively.
  3. They learn quickly with less repetition and practice than their peers, and they typically have excellent problem-solving skills.
  4. Their sense of humor can be highly developed, as can their ability to forge relationships with individuals much older than themselves, particularly with adults. This maturity is also seen in their choice of reading material, as many enjoy books and magazines that are well above the traditional material for their age group.
  5. Their vocabulary is extensive, they traditionally ask open-ended questions, and many read a great deal of literature of varying types.

While these are some common traits among students that are identified as gifted or talented, they do not all have to be present for a diagnosis to be made; some students may display numerous of these examples while other may only display one or two.

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