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CEO's Mad, Mad World

This paper requires to research, examine and analyze the controversy: high CEO compensations through the article "The CEO's Mad, Mad World" by Gretchen Morgenson (March 7,2004) from the New York Times. Your audience will be readers of an industry-related magazine who depend on information like yours in clear, focus writing. This assignment is not a philosophical or hypothetical treatise, but rather a paper that clearly explains a real-world situation with specific issues in mind. And, This is NOT an argumentative paper. Instead, the writer are required to explore the issues  and to come to some final analysis over why the CEO's Mad, Mad World of high CEO compensations is controversial.

CEO's Mad, Mad World

Requirements for CEO Mad, Mad World Paper:

  1. An introduction of the CEO's Mad, Mad World
  2. An exploration of the debate that exists over the CEO's Mad, Mad World
  3. An analysis of what the ethical issues are
  4. An overall final conclusion that provides a thoughtful reflection of the things in your chosen issue. Here you'll be expected to indicate why the CEO's Mad, Mad World continues to be controversial.

CEO Mad, Mad World Article

  The New York Times
March 7, 2004 Sunday

 The C.E.O.'s Mad, Mad World
THE fireworks at Disney's annual meeting last week prove that shareholders are finally becoming intolerant of me-first managers. Disney's reaction, however, also shows how loath entrenched executives are to sit down, shut up and do what is right.

For example, Michael D. Eisner resigned as chairman of Walt Disney but is remaining as chief executive. That's his answer to smoldering shareholder rage?

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