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Central America

Central America is home to a diverse array of countries. Situated just below Mexico and just above Colombia, this area is bordered by two bodies of water: the Caribbean to one side and the Pacific to the other. There are seven countries within the Central American country chain, including: Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Central AmericaMore than 41 million people live in Central America, and the area continues to grow. Natural resources are abundant in Central America, as rainforest covers grounds in all the countries in the region. This means that there exist a significant grouping of plants and animals in these rainforests that can be used for a variety of needs.

The language primarily spoken in all Central American countries is Spanish and the main religion is Christianity. However, because of the indigenous roots of many of the Central American areas, there are pockets of culture that include different languages found in each country. All the countries found in Central America are developing and are often in the process of political instability. This is something that most Central American governments are working to change, to improve conditions for residents. However, because of the history of these nations, change has been slow to happen, and conditions continue to be marked by poverty, income inequality and violence.

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