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Causes of School Violence


Causes of school violence aren't easy to discern in today's society. With many social problems facing children, the exact cause to violent incidences may not be clear. Research papers on school violence may point to any of the following causes:

  1. Bullying in School
  2. Violent Video Games
  3. Drugs or Alcohol Abuse by Teens
  4. Racial Tensions

School Violence research papers show that the problem is widely agreed to be attributable to a complex of factors, and its expression is both responsive to, and resistant to, behavioral conditioning and external controls and influences. The literature points to physiological, psychological and social components and while there are multiple theoretical orientations to the study of violence, the hope of most school violence prevention programs is to deter violence in the school building. Incidents that occur in parking lots and so on are less readily influenced by classroom or building policies, and particularly in urban areas, school grounds may be used by community members for violent or illegal activities. For the purposes of a term paper, school violence refers to behavior or acts taking place inside the building or classroom, including bullying.

Causes of School Violence

Patterns of School Violence

As school begins each day, students, teachers, administrators and personnel bring patterns of violence into the building as they enter it. Just as anger is not an emotion that is felt only at school, neither is violence expressed only at school, and school violence is widely acknowledged to be a symptom that will only decrease if the roots of the problem are identified and treated. Finding those roots is an arduous process for any term paper; there are many points of view on the causes of school violence.

School Violence - No Simple Solutions

A research paper can provide an overview of research approaches as useful preliminary research to examining this complicated problem in more detail. There are no simple solutions to it, and no single avenue of inquiry has been sufficient to untangle the web of violence so far.

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