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Causes of Abnormal Behavior

This is a topic suggestion on Causes of Abnormal Behavior from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

The causes of abnormal behavior may have their roots in many different areas of science and sociology. Various perspectives on the cause of abnormal behavior are: medical, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive and socio-cultural. When writing a research paper on the causes of abnormal behavior, a student will first want to decide which area to focus on. Ultimately, the choice comes down to which course you are taking and how abnormal behavior relates to it. For example, if you are taking a sociology 101 course, you will want to focus o the socio-cultural causes of abnormal behavior. Other courses may not provide such a clear choice but we will provide a guide for you to determine which aspect of abnormal behavior you should focus on. Generally, they are as follows:

Causes of Abnormal Behavior
  • Medical Perspective – The medical perspective on abnormal behavior explores the cause from a mental health and/or disease perspective such as the abnormal behaviors of anorexia sufferers. For example, biochemical causes may be pointed to as the reason behind abnormal behavior.
  • Psychodynamic Cause – Focus on the psychodynamic perspective if you wish to explore causes and cures through alternative medicine. Treatment is more often looked at in terms of providing solutions through therapy.
  • Behavioral Cause – Behaviorism is often explored from either a sociological perspective or a psychological perspective. Either way, the cause of abnormal behavior is attributed to a learned experience.
  • Cognitive Cause – The cognitive cause is the exploration of the thought process of an individual from either a biological or psychological perspective.
  • Social-cultural Cause – A social-cultural rational combines cognitive and behavioral causes to point to learned habits from the biological siblings or the community.

Any student writing a research paper on abnormal behavior causes will be well ahead of the game if the paper is written from the perspective of one of these five causes.

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