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Research Papers on the Catholic Family

Research papers on the Catholic Family or Catholic families can discuss what it is like to be Catholic in the family unit. Since religion is a big part of many family cultures, religious studies courses often study the sociology of being in a religious family. Paper Masters gives the following topics for research papers on Catholic Family life as suggestions for your own, unique study:

  • The Catholic Family in the 21st Century
  • The Catholic Family in light of Church Scandal
  • The Catholic Family of the past versus today

The Catholic family research papers begin with explaining that the foundation of Catholicism is the belief that education starts in the home.  The teaching of morals and values rests on the shoulders of the parents.  It is the parent’s right and responsibility as a practicing Catholic to present to their children the values that represent the Catholic religion and the Holy Church.

Catholic Family

Catholic Church

Growing up in the a home centered on the Catholic Church is full of values and policies set forth by the leadership of the Catholic Church.  These values are not taken lightly by the devout Catholic family. There are distinct practices never forgotten in the Catholic home.  Growing up, these practices were never questioned or disputed.  They were the essence of what our family values were based on.  Many areas of living, taken lightly by the rest of society, carry significant penalties and or disciplines within the Catholic religion.

Catholic Family and Marriage

For instance, marriage is seen as a divine institution presented before God and not to be looked upon casually.  The sanctity of marriage is important to the devout Catholic and this value is strongly positioned in the home.  Another important element of the devout Catholic is the issue of birth control.  A child is a blessing from God.  For the devout Catholic to use birth control is to remove God’s will from our lives and take matters into our own hands. 

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