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Business Communication

Business communication can be defined as the sharing of information between people within a corporation or between a company and its customers. It is a goal-oriented process that seeks to provide a mutual exchange of understanding. Until very recently, business communication was limited to either written or telephone exchanges. Business CommunicationHowever, with modern technology, it can include email, cell phones, or videoconferences on a global level.

Business communication involves the strengthening of what is sometimes one of the most lacking parts of an organization: good communication. Business communication is both effective and efficient, transmitting enough information to be understood by everyone involved. The intended audience understands the message as well as what is to be expected following the exchange, such as agenda items for an upcoming meeting.

Different methods of business communication have their advantages and disadvantages. Face-to-face is the most effective when a person needs to make sure that a particular point is understood properly. One disadvantage is that communication can go off-topic. Much of the modern business communication is dominated by email, providing convenience for both sender and recipient. However, it is less personal and can lead to misinterpretation based on the perception of what is written. Often, a phone call or quick face-to-face meeting can clear up such misperceptions.

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