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Research Paper on a Branch of Local or State Government

How to organize a research paper on a branch of Local or State Government

To write a research paper on a branch of local or state government, Paper Masters suggests you contact a branch of local or state government for a schedule of public meetings and choose one to observe and report on.

How to Write a Research Paper on a Public Meeting for a Local or State Government Organization

Branch of Local or State Government

Conduct a minimum one-hour observation of a public meeting. The meeting can be of a committee, commission, council, etc. Take notes during the observation, including what issues were covered, and what positions are taken on them. (You may conduct the observation by viewing such a meeting on government access television, if it is available. However you observe the meeting though, you will need to reference it properly &; date, time, place, attendees, channel, etc.)

Select one of the issues discussed during the meeting to focus on, and research it in depth. Be sure the issue you select is rich enough to supply answers to the following questions:

      1. What position(s) on the issue were expressed in the meeting, and by whom?
      2. How has this issue been addressed, if at all, in local or state elections? What did the voters say?
      3. What interest groups take part in the dialogue regarding this issue? How have interest groups attempted to influence this issue?
      4. What is your feeling regarding popular opinion on the issue?

Questions to Answer in Writing Your Research Paper

What was your opinion of the communication in this public meeting? Do you think the dialogue in the meeting accurately reflected the publics views on the issue? How might the process for citizens to communicate with local government be improved?

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