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Research Papers on the Books of the Bible: Jude

How do you start a Books of the Bible: Jude research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

The book of Jude in the Bible consists primarily of a letter written to Christians to warn against worshiping and heeding the teachings of false prophets. Jude mandates that it is a Christian’s purpose to keep his or her faith in God strong and steadfast. Books of the Bible: Jude The book starts with explaining who Jude is specifically describing him as a servant to Jesus Christ and a ‘brother’ to James. In the Bible it is customary to make a reference to an individual’s lineage as ‘the son of’ versus the ‘brother to.’ The book of Jude describes the unfolding of what is to come if Christians do not heed the warnings which indicate that people of God should be aware of the repercussions of turning away from the ministry by worshiping false gods. He speaks of the consequences of being a sinner.

Jude and What it Means to be a Christian

Jude dissects what it means to be a Christian in his letter and further indicates what qualities a Christian must possess. Like apostle Paul, he believes that all Christians essentially ‘belong’ to God and should be willing and ready to be of service whenever called no matter the circumstance. Jude encourages Christians regarding the following aspects of their lives:

  1. To fight for their truth
  2. Make faith the cornerstone to how they live their lives in servitude to God.
  3. Jude contends that even if the consequence of living this truth is death, it shall still be seen as just.

It was Jude’s belief that if God’s people immersed themselves in any immoral act in the name of experiment or exploration, these people would essentially be damaging themselves. Jude indicates that a judgment day will come upon all who go against the teachings of Christ and essentially strives to instill fear in those reading the letter.

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