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Research Papers on the Books of the Bible:

Revelation is the final book of the Bible and is very complex. Have the theology writers at Paper Masters custom write a research paper on any aspect of the Book of Revelation.

The last book of the Bible, Revelation, speaks of the ultimate spiritual experience, the judging of the soul and its chance to finally achieve unity with its Maker. Yet, in spite of this orientation, the symbolism and action that pervade the dramatically written account frequently center on that most earthly aspect of mankind: the body itself. The Book of RevelationIn my mind this focus is the logical outcome, expressed in the most highly charged imagery, of the entire Bible’s treatment of the dual nature of man: divine soul and lowly dust. Judging doctrine may be done by subjecting it to four questions:

  • How did the doctrine come to be? 
  • Was it through logic and careful analysis of experience? 
  • What has been the influence of the doctrine’s sponsor? 
  • What ideas have prevailed?


The Old Testament begins with the story of the Creation, extending over the period of seven days, and culminating in God’s shaping the body of the first man, Adam, out of dust and breathing divine Life into him. Eve, created by God from a rib taken from Adam, was added later as a companion at the same level as her husband, and flesh of his flesh. Like the other living things that had already been created, they were to be fruitful and multiply. For a period of time, they lived in the Garden in a state of innocence, communing regularly with God. Seduced by Satan in the form of a serpent, Eve disobeys, then Adam also, and becuse of this they are cast out, Eve to suffer in childbirth and Adam to labor by the sweat of his brow. The pivotal point between Old and New Testament is the miraculous birth and ultimate sacrifice of Christ to atone for this original sin.

The Book of Revelation alludes to the Creation of this first world but in a much darker and less straightforward manner. Once again, the Judgement of the world and of all mankind is not an instantaneous process, but begins with the opening of the Seven Seals. Whereas the seven days of Creation saw the originating of natural life as we know it – the seas, the mountains, the rivers and streams, all the beauties of nature including life itself – the Seven Seals portend death, violence and destruction of all these aspects of reality.

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