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Research Paper on Bless Me, Ultima

Paper Masters can custom write a research paper on Bless Me, Ultima that covers the major themes of the novel. This classic work of American literature has complex issues that our writer will outline for you within a custom research paper.

How to Write a Research Paper on Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya

Rudolfo Anaya’s 1972 novel Bless Me, Ultima is often credited with helping to shape the place of Chicano literature in the canon of American writing. Originally issued by a small Californian publishing house, the book has endured as a classic for over 25 years, enjoying critical praise and assimilation into the curriculums of many high schools and universities.

In your research paper on Bless Me, Ultima, examine the major themes of the book, focusing on the following:

  • Problem of duality in nature, religion, and community.
  • Analyze the significance of the text from within the historical, cultural, and societal context that Anaya chooses to frame his tale.
  • Present an assessment of the novel’s personal impact.
Bless Me, Ultima

Bless Me, Ultima

What is it about Bless Me, Ultima that can account for this widespread appeal? The remote setting and ethnic characters that populate the text are obscure enough that they could have served to minimize the ability of a diverse range of readers to be able to relate to their struggles.  However, the issues Anaya presents in Bless Me, Ultima have ultimately transcended their potential for alienating readers.  Instead, a diverse group of readers and students have found the themes in the text to be universally applicable.

Bless Me, Ultima’s child protagonist, Antonio Marez, lives with his parents and young sisters on a parcel of farmland near the town of Guadalupe in northern New Mexico. The story begins shortly before the conclusion of World War II, and the absence Tony’s three older brothers, who are away fighting, has profoundly affected the household.

Bless Me, Ultima Characters

Tony’s father, Gabriel, is a frustrated vaquero who grew up working on the llano, the open plains. Because of his upbringing, Tony’s father feels comfortable with open spaces and is understandably hemmed in by his monotonous job with the local public works crew. He fantasizes about the idealized life he thinks he can only achieve by moving his family farther west.


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