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Blair Company and Marketing Strategy

Does this Blair Company assignment look familiar? Many professors assign topics just like this and our writer’s custom write each one.

“The following are the specific questions to answer for each of the future case that will be covered during the remainder of the semester. Use the same guidelines as with the most recent cases.

1. Compared to a developed country like the U.S. or Germany, what is different about marketing in a less developed country? What is the same?

2. Compare the three modes of market entry available to Blair Company in India. How do decisions related to the marketing plan mix factor into the comparison among market entry modes?

Blair Water Purifiers

Blair Company and Marketing Strategy

What should Chatterjee recommend to Blair Company regarding the market opportunity in India?

Read the case of "Blair Water Purifiers India" form the book Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments, 10th edition from page 645 to 659.

  • What you must do is after reading the case answer the two questions above being very specific in the answer, also at the end I need to give 3 to 4 recommendations, the first two must be the most important ones, and the ones to be explained the most, the other two or the third one could be explained in a sentence (this part should take two pages, since you guys do it double space).
  • The third page has to be a financial analysis justifying the recommendations, or at least some (it does not have to be a supper financial analysis).

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