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Blackboard Learning System Research Papers

The Blackboard Learning System is developed and marketed by the Washington, DC-based educational software firm, Blackboard LLC. The firm was founded in 1997 and became a public company in 2004. In 1998 the firm launched the first phase of the Blackboard Learning System, Web-based course management server software that enables educators to conveniently manage courses. The System includes:

  • Open architecture which allows customization and interoperability
  • A scalable design designs that facilitates integration with student information systems.
  • The ability to host classes via two Web sites operated by the firm—even if their institutions do not have Blackboard software.

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Blackboard Learning System

The Blackboard Learning System Results

Use of the Blackboard Learning System exploded within a rather brief period. By 1999, 50 universities and colleges — including Cornell, Georgetown, Tufts, and Yale — were using Blackboard software for online instruction, while over 1,000 instructors had hosted classes through Blackboard from institutions ranging from the United States to Ireland, Japan, and Australia. In the years that followed, the K-12 sector would become the company’s fastest-growing market. In April 2010, the latest version of the System, Blackboard Learn 9.1, was released. It is a learning management system consisting of four modules:

  • A learning system which enables institutions to deliver and manage courses online;
  • A content management system that allows institutions to maintain centralized control over course curriculum;
  • A record management system that records and analyzes the results of student assessments;
  • A community and portal network with which to build online campus communities.

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