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Bilingual Teachers

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Bilingual education and bilingual teachers are currently a hot commodity in the United States. America is a diverse society, changing in demographics all of the time and committed to cultivating an environment where all ethnic factions are respected and valued.  Today’s teachers are not prepared to teach to a diverse society any more than teachers at the onset of the civil rights movement were prepared for the rapidly changing social environment; they assert that teacher preparation hasn’t changed much in the last century. Today a multicultural United State has more involved needs that call for diverse ways of teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Teacher preparation programs might include a single course on diversity issues, but this cannot possible prepare teachers to meet the growing demands of America’s diverse classrooms.

Bilingual Teachers

Write a postgraduate level education research paper on the 2 following questions:

1) Why do some people want to be bilingual teachers and believe bilingualism is beneficial in classrooms? Be sure to give specific reasons of support in the research paper.

2) Can TESOL/ESL teachers be good bilingual teachers? What are the advantages and disadvantages, if any?

TESOL = Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ESL = English as a Second Language

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