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Biblical Matriarchs Research Papers

The Judeo-centric world depicted in the Bible was largely one of privileged men and comparatively disenfranchised women.  Yet female activity changed the course of Hebrew history again and again.  A case in point involves the Matriarchs of the Old Testament

Biblical Matriarchs

Biblical Matriarchs


Convention requires that a woman be a mother of the Tribes of Israel in order to be considered a Matriarch. According to Kaunfer, the traditional view of the Matriarchs recognizes only four such women:

  1. Sarah
  2. Rebekah
  3. Rachel
  4. Leah

Other scholars include Jacob’s concubines, Zilpah and Bilhah, for a total of six.

Matriarchs in Psalms

Psalms 105.15 reflects God’s commitment to His people when he warns, “Do not touch my anointed, to my prophets do no harm.”  According to one interpretation, the anointed are the Biblical Patriarchs, while the prophets are the Matriarchs.  Additionally, God revealed secrets to Rebekah, thus rendering her a mortal with divine information – a prophetess.

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