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Research Papers that Compare Biblical Miracles and Modern Miracles

A child is rescued from a watery grave and resuscitated after almost thirty minutes of unconsciousness. To many this scenario would be dubbed a miracle. The child’s life has been saved by some higher power and by sheer divine intervention this child will live. While it is obvious that something extraordinary has occurred in this situation, to label it a miracle may stand outside of the theological understanding of what a “miracle” truly is. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Biblical Miracles that follows your guidelines.

Modern Miracles

In an attempt to provide some insight into how modern day “miracles” compare to the true miracles of biblical times, this investigation considers the miracles of the Old Testament along with physiological and technological miracles of modern times. Biblical Miracles and Modern MiraclesBy looking at these “miracles” simultaneously, this investigation seeks to delineate the differences between what were originally heralded as miracles and what are considered miracles today. By providing an in-depth look at these different forms of miracles it is hoped that come consensus on the process of miracles will be discernible at that the intervention of God will be easily determined. Although it may be difficult to determine the presence of God in modern day miracles, it is hoped that this investigation will demonstrate that while modern science and technology have made the impossible possible, there are some elements of life that cannot be easily explained through the process of science and technology.

Considering first how most theologians, either naturalists or supernaturalists, describe the phenomenon of miracles, one author poignantly notes that the term miracle means “an interference with Nature by supernatural power”. This author goes on to note that by adopting this definition of miracle the individual agrees that “…there must be something which exists in its own right; some basic Fact whose existence it would be nonsensical to try to explain because this Fact is itself the ground or starting point for all explanations”. In short, an author argues that by acknowledging miracles, the individual must acknowledge the presence of a quintessential Fact or God.

Old Testament Miracles

Accepting the authors explication for the term miracle, it is now possible to look at miracles as they occurred in the Old Testament. Arguably, the Old Testament is replete with miracles, thus only a small portion of those can be presented in this investigation.

A few Old Testament miracles are:

Aaron's rod changed

Waters made blood

Frogs produced





Thunder, etc.



Death of the first-born

Red Sea

Marah's waters sweetened

Manna sent

Water from the rock Rephidim

Aaron's rod budded

Nadab and Abihu consumed.

The burning of Taberah

Earthquake and Fire

Water flowing from the Rock

Serpent healing the Israelites


Further, considering the Old Testament in total, it is clear that a number of the miracles that occur can be found in both Numbers and Exodus. Given the constraints of this investigation coupled with the large number of miracles that appear in these two books of the Old Testament, this investigation will be further narrowed to consider these works.

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