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The Bible and Counseling Research Papers

The Bible is used in counseling for religious clients and therapists and in various other counceling senarios. Research papers that examine how the Bible can be used for counseling can be custom written by the writers at Paper Masters. One way to approach the topic of the Bible and Counseling is through an integration paper, like the outline of the one you see here.

The integration paper is designed to help the student more deeply understand biblical views of counseling and how they compare/contrast with current and historical professional views.

The Bible and Counseling

To successfully complete this project on The Bible and Counseling Research Paper, the student will need to skillfully use a number of resources including:

  1. Reputable Bible Dictionaries
  2. A thorough Bible concordance
  3. Reputable Bible commentaries
  4. Required and recommended course textbooks and professional journal articles
  5. Fairly comprehensive course notes from classroom attendance and participation
  6. Interaction with other students

The following needs to be included in The Bible and Counseling Research Paper:

  1. Begin the project by doing a thorough word study in the Bible of terms and their variations like counsel, advice, wisdom, plan, help, etc.
  2. Define the terms using Bible dictionaries.
  3. Document the range of situations in the Bible involving these concepts by using the Bible concordance.
  4. Then, using the Bible commentaries, detail a couple of situations from the Bible that, in your opinion, best illustrate what a biblical view of counseling is all about.
  5. Be sure to state the reasons for your opinion using the biblical data as support.
  6. Next, compare/contrast your views on what you learned about what the Bible has to say about what counseling is and is not with what you have learned about professional views of counseling.
  7. Give attention to ethical considerations including how professional codes of ethics are congruent or incongruity with biblical principles of counseling. Particularly relate this information to your current understanding of how you will be functioning in the role of counselor.
  8. Do not submit a paper with 25 year old references as your primary sources.
  9. Do not get off into citing/quoting others who believe “Bible only” is the appropriate source in counseling. That is NOT what the assignment calls for.
  10. When doing the word study, do not simply “proof text” the paper. This is a research paper.
  11. You MUST cite Bible dictionaries, commentaries, and concordances in addition to Bible verses. Remember, with this option, only six of the 15 required sources may be from books.
  12. The rest of your sources should be from professional articles.
  13. Finally, include a section on how what you have learned biblically and professionally about counseling affects you personally.
  14. Include your thoughts about implications for decisions regarding educational/training preparation, the setting and context of where and how you will counsel, the types of counselors you will work with, and even how you see all of this affecting your personal, family, and church life.

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