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Best USA Possible

Write a creative essay in which you explain your distinctive ideas about the topics SELF, FREEDOM and MORALITY in the special sense that these terms have been used in this course and then show how these ideas flow into your theory of justice which for the purpose of this course means your ideas as to how to bring about the "BEST USA POSSIBLE" for all its citizens.

Part 1 of the essay on Best USA Possible Research Paper:

  1. You may want to describe incidents or experiences in your life to illustrate or explain your point of view, (if only to explain ideas you do not agree with).
  2. Make sure that you use some of the philosophers ideas on these topics either to assist you in presenting your distinctive point of view or to explain yourself by contrast to their point of view on the topics of concern.
Best USA Possible

Part 2 - Best USA Possible

  1. you will may want to use the notes (Questions on the bottom) for Justice.
  2. Here they have suggested to you political changes for a "BEST POSSIBLE USA" that could perfectly make sense to you if you are in general agreement with any one of the fifteen types of philosophy given to you this semester.
  3. They are only tentative and you are not at all bound to them.
  4. For example an Jose ORTEGA type philosophy is highly compatible with the idea of giving greater powers to the Presidency.
  5. A John Dewey type philosophy is naturally sympathetic with the idea of improving society by a radical democratization of all institutions in society especially a classroom.
  6. A person with a (Immanuel Kant) Kantian philosophy would surely be highly disposed to the idea of improving behavior of politicians by a more proactive use of the world court at the Hague.
  7. You will in no way be graded according to your views but rather on how you connect your views given in Part 1 to some kind of change or strengthening of some existing part of the political system in the USA.

Questions - Best USA Possible:

  1. In what kind of society would you prefer to live? A large urban society, small rural society, some safe suburb, a bustling commercial city, a quiet more or less homogeneous town in which people more or less share the same values, a multi ethnic neighborhood with many different people?
  2. Do you believe in the death penalty for heinous crimes?
  3. Should the president of the US be impeached if his or her subordinates break the law?
  4. Should shelter for the homeless be provided at government expense?
  5. Is political power ultimately nothing but the rule of the strongest, the most powerful, the most persuasive on TV? Why are there governments at all?
  6. Does the government have the right to demand a percentage of your paycheck?
  7. What is justice? What aspects of our society make it a just society?
  8. Is there a human right to an education? Who has the obligation to make sure that you get one your parents the government or yourself?

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