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Bertrand Russell

There are many great philosophers to choose from when writing a philosophy research paper. Bertrand Russell is perhaps one of the most interesting due to the time period he lived in and the part of the world in which he came from. Paper Masters will write you a great research paper on Bertrand Russell for any philosophy course.

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) was a British intellectual who was also a:

  • Mathematician
  • Historian,
  • Philosopher
  • Social Critic

Bertrand RussellRussell was also considered to be one of the founders of analytic philosophy. He was awarded the 1950 Nobel Prize in literature.

Born into a prominent and wealthy aristocratic British family (his grandfather had been Prime Minister), Russell’s upbringing was decidedly liberal. At the age of 18, Russell became a committed atheist after reading John Stuart Mill. Attending Trinity College, Cambridge, he studied mathematics and philosophy.

Russell's Publishing Career

His publishing career began in 1896 with German Social Democracy, a subject he taught at the London School of Economics. In 1908, he became a member of the Royal Society and began collaborating with A.N. Whitehead on Principa Mathematica, a three-volume attempt to demonstrate that all mathematical truths could be proven. The work is considered to be one of the seminal works of logic in the 20th century.

While teaching at Cambridge, he began mentoring Ludwig Wittgenstein, who would become a famous philosopher in his own right. When World War I broke out, Russell became a vocal pacifist, a position he would maintain for the rest of his life, opposing Hitler, Stalin and the US’s involvement in Vietnam. By the 1950s, Russell was world-famous as an intellectual. Much of his later years were spent supporting nuclear disarmament.

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