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Beliefs, Values, and Morals Application

As you prepare for advanced academic studies as well as your future career, it is important to understand the philosophical and theoretical foundations of your beliefs, as these will influence your actions and, to some degree, shape the relationships that you have with others in your field (clients as well as colleagues). Be sure to incorporate your ideas of what defines a belief, a moral, and a value, as they are quite different. Try to use definitions from scholarly sources, not ones from the dictionary or from Wikipedia, if possible. Also, please focus your responses in terms of the career you will be entering (or are already in).

Beliefs and Values

Considers the following questions, among others (these are merely starter questions, and they are not to be used as headings in your essay): Beliefs, Values, and Morals Application

  1. Is man inherently good or inherently evil?
  2. How do genetic and environmental forces interact and influence our beliefs, values, morals, and behavior?
  3. What role do conscious and unconscious processes play in determining beliefs, values, morals, and behavior?
  4. Are we predestined to behave in certain ways, or are we completely free to choose our destiny?

Writing a Beliefs, Values, and Morals Paper:

In crafting your essay, after careful consideration, discussion, and research:

  1. you should synthesize your perspectives
  2. Your analysis should include a justification (i.e., rationale) and explanation for your team’s response.
  3. Your essay should provide detailed definitions of each term (belief, moral, value) as well as scholarly opinions about the questions related to good/evil, genetics, unconscious processes, and predestination.
  4. The paper should also follow APA formatting requirements, use correct grammar and spelling, and include a reference page with at least THREE references.
  5. Please use APA format for your essay and reference citations

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