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Belief and Thought

Respond to both of the following questions.

1. Martin Luther wrote the following in 1520:
"Since the civil power is ordained of God, it should not be impeded throughout Christendom in the exercise of its office through it apply to pope, bishop, priest, monk, or nun... If a priest is killed the land is laid under an interdict [an excommunication applying to an entire area] and why not if a peasant is murdered? Whence arises such a difference among Christians, if not from the laws of men? Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Belief and Thought that follows your guidelines.

Belief and Thought

Belief and Thought Passage

What does this passage mean? DO you agree with it? Why or why not? Here are some issues you may want to consider as you study this paragraph:
1. does it imply anything about predestination?
2. does it say anything about the relationship between church and state, between the religious and the secular?
3. Does it say anything about egalitarianism?
4. Does it say anything about individualism?

The passage above came from the text "The Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation, August,1520" written by Martin Luther.

The second questions on Belief and Thought:

2. Is the concept of God helpful or hurtful to a society's health? Does this concept support or retard development in science and technology, politics and the arts? Or does it both support and retard? How? Why?


Write two, four pages essays, one on each of the above topics. Each essay will be evaluated on the quality of its thesis, the persuasiveness of its argument, and the appropriateness of its evidence. Avoid generalities. This is NOT A RESEARCH PAPER, I am interested in you own thoughts and arguments. Nonetheless avoid the first person, singular or plural.

All materials that is quoted, paraphrased, or adapted from some source other than yourself, that is anything that is not your thought, must be given appropriate reference.

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