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Being George Washington Research Papers

Being George Washington research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Being George WashingtonThe first thing any reader, whether fan or critic of Glenn Beck, needs to know, is that this is not a book about history. Yes, it contains a lot of history, some of which is accurate and some of which is not. It also contains a lot of speculative descriptions of historical events, which to uncritical minds might seem like history, but which are fiction. Anyone who reads a book written by a pop-culture icon who dropped out of the only college course he ever enrolled in and expects to find historical accuracy and academically rigorous critical analysis must be deluded.

Nonetheless, Beck’s book works extremely well for its intended purpose.

  • Beck set out to examine the idea of the “Great Man”.
  • Beck explores why such men no longer seem to exist in America.
  • Through his presentation of Washington’s life, Beck illustrates the character traits that he believes led Washington to become the man we rightly admire.
  • Beck also links these traits to modern life and points out Washington’s flaws, suggesting that all Americans have the potential to develop greatness if only they embrace the virtues and hard work embodied by George Washington.

Beck’s political and religious views infuse his writing, but the book could be inspiring to readers of any persuasion. Furthermore, he makes the events of Washington’s life seem real and fresh—an introduction to history for beginners, perhaps?

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