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Behavioral Psychology Research Papers

Behavioral Psychology research papers examine the psychological theory that looks at behaviorism and the elements of behavior that are observable. Paper Masters custom writes research papers on behavioral psychology for students to use as a guide and learn all about the theoretical nature of this theory.

Behavioral psychology, also known simply as Behaviorism, is a branch of that science that holds that psychology should concern itself only with the observable behavior of people and animals, not the interior processes of the mind. The fathers of behavioral psychology are:

Behavioral PsychologyWhile behaviorism has largely been eclipsed by cognitive theory, it still holds tremendous practical value in clinical settings, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Watson and Behavioral Psychology

John B. Watson (1878-1958) first published an article in 1913 in which he created a purely objective experimental branch of science, which was intended to be able to predict and control behavior. It is the external response, and not the interior thought process that mattered for Watson and behaviorists.

The end result of behavioral psychology is to change some external behavior through the repetition of desired actions, such as rewarding good habits and discouraging bad ones. B.F. Skinner (1904-1990) developed operant conditioning in the 1930s, using reinforcement and punishment, positive or negative, as means of influencing behavior. Skinner created operant conditioning from the basics of classical conditioning, famously evidenced by the experiments of Pavlov and his dogs.

Behavioral psychology has also had tremendous impact on education. The project-based learning environment, for example, uses positive reinforcement to increase engagement within the classroom.

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