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Battle of Balaclava

Paper Masters writes custom research paper on many famous battles and wars. When studying world history and the Crimean War, you will certainly have to write a research paper on the Battle of Balaclava. Paper Masters can help you with this interesting stalemate that shaped the French and British participation.

The Battle of Balaclava, October 25, 1854, is perhaps the most famous battle of the Crimean War. This is the battle in which the famous “Charge of the Light Brigade” took place, immortalized in Tennyson’s poem. The Crimean War was part of the strategic maneuvering of empires in the 19th century and was fought between the Russian Empire and a coalition of the following:

Battle of BalaclavaAllied forces had begun landing in the Crimea in September 1854, attempting to keep the Russians from gaining territory at the expense of the weakening Ottoman Empire. The battle of Alma, September 20, 1854, was the first major battle of the war, resulting in a spectacular Russian defeat.

Battle of Balaclava And Strategy

According to The History of War Organization, the French and British then chose the port of Balaclava as their base, an ill-advised position. Their strategic aim was Sevastopol, but by the time they had moved into position the Russian forces had regrouped. The Russians took advantage of the weak Allied position, attacking with artillery and infantry. A small detachment of the 93rd Highlander Regiment, known as the “Thin Red Line” repulsed the Russian attack.

However, misinterpreted orders led to a final cavalry charge by British light cavalry, the “Charge of the Light Brigade.” This frontal assault faced heavy artillery fire, forcing an almost immediate retreat and heavy British casualties. The end result of the Battle of Balaclava was a stalemate.

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