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Bandura Observational Learning

How do you start a Bandura Observational Learning research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Albert Bandura's Observational Theory identifies three basic learning models:

  1. Live learning
  2. Verbal instructional learning
  3. Symbolic learning

In the live model, a person learns by directly watching someone demonstrate the behavior. In the verbal instructional model, a person learns a behavior through explanations and descriptions of a behavior. In the symbolic model, a person learns a behavior through real or fictional characters encountered in books, films, television shows, and other type of media.

Bandura Observational Learning

Bandura Observational Learning and Bobo dolls

Bandura famously explored observational learning through studies that focused on how children behaved with "Bobo dolls." In these studies, Bandura found that children who observed an adult abusing the doll were very likely to abuse the doll when left alone to play. This hinted that children tend to model the behaviors that they see and reenact those behaviors.

Bendura also recognizes that internal states could influence whether individuals copied the behaviors they experienced. He found four major factors that influenced whether modeling occurred successfully: attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation. If an individual does not pay attention to the modeled behavior, then he or she is unlikely to reproduce it. Individuals with the inability to retain information also have difficulty learning behaviors through modeling. Reproducing the learned behavior makes it more likely that the person will continue to use the behavior. Finally, individuals must have either an internal or external motivation to learn the modeled behaviors properly.

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