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Research Papers on Saint Augustine

Research papers on Saint Augustine are custom written by the theology writers at Paper Masters. Any aspect of Saint Augustines life or philosophy can be examined fully by our writers and according to any of your specific instructions.

St. Augustine of Hippo is one of the most important philosophers in the history of mankind.  An Augustine research paper on the biography of the Church Father brings the man and his writings into both the context of his time and the greatness of his intellect. Augustine’s City of God and Confessions continue to rank as seminal works of Christian theology.  The life of Saint Augustine was spent in the African provinces of Rome and Augustine still reaches out into the 21st century with his amazing genius.


An Augustine term paper opens with Augustine’s childhood in Thagaste, a town in the middle of Numidia. 

  • Augustine was born in 354;
  • Rome had become Christian in 313, and Augustine’s mother Monnica was a member of the Donatist sect. 
  • Augustine's father, Patricus, was a minor Roman official.  He attended school, but poorly.  Upon his return to Thagaste in 370, he joined a band of fellow adolescents who commit petty crimes. 

The main source of Augustine’s biography comes from the Bishop’s own writings, and an Augustine term paper does a fine job of presenting both Augustine’s own words and a modern explanation for the youth’s misdeeds.  

One of the more lurid aspects of Augustine’s youthful misdeed concerns his concubine and son, Adeodatus.  Under Wills’ understanding, Augustine’s relationship with Una was one where he persuaded the woman to abandon Christianity for the sake of their liaison.  Augustine continued his studies in Carthage, and this period is generally assumed to be one of sexual excess.  However, an Augustine term paper explores Augustine’s writings only to discover that perhaps Augustine’s own confessions in this matter were overstated, and a picture of a young, devoted father emerges.  It was also during the Carthage years that Augustine became a Manichean, a heretical sect.

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