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Astronomy Research Papers

Paper Masters shows you how to write a research paper on any astronomy subject using the topics you see on this web site. Our astronomy topic suggestions can be used to create unique ideas for your own research papers. These are sample topics only! We do not sell pre-written research papers but you can use these sample topics to order your own custom astronomy research paper.



Astronomy Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Asteroids - A research paper on asteroids discusses the difference between actual planets and asteroids - relative size.

Aurora Borealis - Aurora Borealis research papers account for how the “northern lights”came about.

Big Bang Theory - Big Bang Theory research papers examine the scientific model that describes the initial genesis of the universe.

Capture Hypothesis - Capture Hypothesis research papers deal with one of the older models which explains the origins of the moon.

Challenger - Challenger research papers explore the space shuttle that exploded shortly after it took off.

Exoplanets - Exoplanets research papers explore these planets that orbit outside of our solar system.

Exploration of the Solar System - Research papers on the exploration of the solar system compare the general characteristics of the terrestrial planets to those of the gas giants.

Fission Hypothesis - Fission Hypothesis research papers explore the way George Darwin thought the moon originated.

Giant Impact Theory- Giant Impact Theory research papers discuss a model that takes data from lunar missions to determine how the moon came about.

Giant Impact Theory - Giant Impact Theory research papers discuss a model that takes data from lunar missions to determine how the moon came about.

Giuseppe Piazzi - First discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801, asteroids, or minor planet, are extensively discussed in custom essays by Paper Masters.

Hipparchus - Hipparchus research papers examine the first great observational astronomer, and his accomplishments.

History of Astronomy - History of Astronomy research papers look into the earliest studies of the stars and sky.

Hubble Space Telescope - Hubble Space Telescope research papers report on NASA’s large telescope program to reveal the mystery of the stars and planets.

Hubble’s Law - Hubble’s Law research papers discuss the law that describes the relationship between objects in the universe that can be observed at a distance and the rate at which those objects are moving away from the earth.

Inflation Theory - The Inflation Theory research papers examine the theory that states that for a brief period of time following the Big Bang, the universe expanded at an exponential rate.

Life of a Star - Life of a Star research papers trace the formation of stars, as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Moon - The Moon research paper probes into the origins of the moon. Research on the Moon at Paper Masters.

Pulsars - Pulsars research papers study the formation, general characteristics, and modern theories of pulsars.

Red Mars - Red Mars research papers discuss a science fiction novel about the colonization on Mars, and the different issues they may encounter.

Red Star - Red Star research papers evaluate Alexander Bogdanovs novel that imagines a Marxist society living on the planet Mars.

Supernova - Supernova research papers examine the huge stars in the cosmos and how they are formed.

Universe - The Universe research papers on the scientific view of the universe using astronomy and physics.

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