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Astrology Research Papers

There are many elements of astrology that are wonderful for scholarly inquiry. Have the writers from Paper Masters explain the history, meaning or religious aspects of astrology for you in a research paper that is custom written.

Astrology is an ancient system of divination based on the alignment of the stars and planets in the sky, with the idea being that there is a special connection between astronomical phenomena and human lives. Numerous ancient civilizations used and developed differing types of astrology, including the following:

Astrology in Mesopotamia

Astrology can be dated back as far as 1950 BCE in Mesopotamia. A special elite class of stargazers developed a complex and accurate way to predict the movements of the stars, which branched into both divination astrology and scientific astronomy.Astrology

When Alexander the Great conquered much of Asia, many principles of astrology filtered back into Greece and Rome. After the fall of the Western empire, Persian scholars preserved these texts. By the twelfth century AD, these preserved texts made their way back to Europe where they were translated back in Latina and helped spur the Renaissance. Modern science has completely rejected astrology, but for much of human history it was a scholarly pursuit, alongside alchemy and medicine. While it may be pseudoscience, many people consult their daily horoscopes in the newspaper. There are twelve zodiac signs that cover the months of the year and most people, when asked, are able to identify their “sign,” such as Aquarius or Sagittarius or Cancer.

Astrology and the Ancient Romans

The importance of astrology to the ancient Romans is probably best illustrated by Shakespeare’s use of it in his play about Julius Caesar. Just as Caesar was warned to beware the Ides of March, however, so did the Mayans practice their own superstitious beliefs based the alignment of planets and stars.  The Romans didn’t invent astrology, but it can be argued that they were the first to use it for divination purposes of telling the future. In contrast, the Mayan astrology is one that views the stars not so much dictating the path one takes, but as being the center of energy in the universe that interacts with the will of the human. The Mayan sense of the heavens helped them in some ways develop their sense of agriculture. The Romans too looked to the stars and planets to guide them in when to plant and when to harvest, but the use of the Roman calendars was for all practical purposes useless in this task because it wasn’t nearly as accurate as the Mayan calendar, and also because it kept getting changed. Eschewing the guidance of a man made calendar, the Romans turned directly skyward, letting the seasons dictate their agricultural decisions. The Mayans could depend more on their calendar, but they also looked to their astrology to guide them in choosing special days.  In fact, the Mayans held celebrations and religious rituals in concert with their agricultural decisions.

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