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Asexuality Research Papers

Asexuality research papers can focus on the nature of the sexual orientation, the prevelance of asexuality in society, the psychological or sociological issues involved with asexuality or any other aspect of the phenomena. Paper Masters shows you how to formulate a research paper on asexuality in a social context such as in popular music, as you see below. Have our writers help you on any sexuality research paper topic you need custom written.

Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction on the part of one individual towards others. It is quite distinct from both celibacy, the willingness to forego sexual activity, and abstention, refraining from sexual activity. Although rare, it must be considered as one of the sexual orientations, alongside homosexuality and heterosexuality. Asexuality

The range of asexuality encompasses a wide variety of individuals, including the lack of sexual attraction and the lac of interest in sexual activity. This does not preclude individuals who identify as asexual from engaging in romantic relationships. With the availability of the Internet, many people who identify as asexual have managed to find online communities.

However, there is a lack of scientific research into both the causes of asexuality and the number of people who identify themselves with this label. The vast majority of people who describe themselves as asexual are self-identifying with that label. The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) was founded in 2001 with the goal of raising public acceptance of asexuality. In 2009, the group participated in the San Francisco Pride Parade, carrying their own asexual pride flag, stripes of black, gray, and purple. Unfortunately, many asexuals face discrimination from the LGBT community, criticized for having mistaken sexual identity.

How to Organize a Research Paper on Asexulity

PURPOSE: The purpose of this outline is to use content analysis to critically analyze how one sexual issue/problem is discussed and represented in popular culture through music lyrics.

BACKGROUND: There are many agents of popular culture though which the messages, themes and symbols of popular culture are produced and consumed.  Media is a key agent of popular culture, and within it music is one mode for the production and consumption of popular culture.  The music of the 1960’s marked a key period of transition in the United States as themes of social problems and dissidence started to fill the radio waves.  This assignment will allow you to explore asexuality in music today.

  1. Choose ONE sexual issue = asexuality.
  2. Find at least 5 songs with lyrics that address asexuality. You will need to cite these songs using proper APA formatting.
  3. Analyze the songs for similarities and differences in how they address asexuality
    1. Look for themes within and among the songs (i.e.  songs about war that talk about ‘ending war’
    2. Consider the year the songs were copyrighted
    3. Consider the genre the song fits in
    4. Is the song directed at a particular audience? (think socio-demographic characteristics: age, race/ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status (SES), and sexuality)
    5. What type of vocabulary, words, grammar, euphemisms, vernacular is used for the lyrics?
      1. Consider the actual production of the song as well: tempo, emotion, male/female singer, individual singer/band, etc.
  4. Find at least two sources that address music AND asexuality (i.e. the sources are providing similar analysis or commentary on how your social problem is addressed through music).  These may be popular sources (i.e. magazine articles or websites), but Wikipedia is NOT acceptable.
  5. Find at least ONE peer-reviewed article that discusses asexuality and how it is portrayed by the media (ideally this would be focused on your social issue and problem, but this may be difficult to find – so an article on TV, radio, internet, movies is OK).
  6. Write-up your paper
    a)         Cover Page
    b)         Clearly identify your chosen social issue/problem.
    a.         Why are you interested in studying this?
    c)         Write-up your analysis of how asexuality is addressed in the 5 songs you chose
    a.         NOTE: this is the majority of your paper.  It is a ‘comparative critical’ analysis of how your chosen social issue/problem is addressed in these songs.  It is NOT a summary of each song, and it should not include cutting and pasting the lyrics of all of the songs into the paper.
    i.          If you submit a paper that is full of copied lyrics, you will receive a ZERO.
    b.         Use the prompts in step 3 to help you organize this analysis
    c.         Information about the singer/band should be a VERY minimal part of this analysis; the lyrics are the heart of the anlaysis
    d.         APA-formatted in-text citations should be used throughout this section
    d)         Briefly describe the TWO sources you found that discuss music and your chosen social problem.
    a.         Discuss how the analysis or commentary in these two sources compares to your analysis
    b.         Remember your APA-formatted in-text citations
    e)         Briefly describe your chosen peer-reviewed article.
    a.         What is the main research question/thesis of the article
    b.         What is the research method used in the article (i.e. survey, interview, content analysis, observation, experiment, etc)
    c.         What are the key findings of the article
    d.         Discuss how the findings in this article can help you to better understand/explain your chosen social issue/problem and how it is addressed in your chosen songs
    e.         Remember APA-formatted in-text citations
    f)         Conclude by discussing how your analysis is helpful and relevant in the study of American Popular Culture

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