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Articulation Disorder Research Papers

Articulation disorder research papers illustrate that there are many reasons articulation is compromised in children. Paper Masters has many writers that have a background in education that have worked with research involving articulation disorders. Our writers will custom write a research paper on articulation disorder from any aspect of the problem.

Articulation refers to the physical processes involved in the production of speech. An individual with an articulation disorder experiences physical difficulties when attempting to produce certain speech sounds. A variety of pronunciation errors are associated with different articulation disorders. For example, omission errors involve the elimination of certain sounds, often at the ends of words, so that “I read a book” becomes “I ree a boo.” Substitutions involve the replacement of one speech sound with another: “dood” for “good,” “widdle” for “little.” With distortions, the correct sound is produced but unclearly, as with lisping. These and other types of articulation disorders can make it difficult for speakers to make themselves understood.

Causes of Articulation Disorder to Cover in a Research Paper

Articulation Disorder

According to the American Speech-Language-hearing Association, Articulation disorder may be due to a range of causes, including:

If your research paper on articulation disorder covers Neurological disorders such as dysarthria, which is caused by impairments in oral muscles that are used in speech production, while oral apraxia is caused by difficulties in voluntarily moving the lips and/ or tongue, note that these can cause articulation disorders too. Because children typically make diverse pronunciation errors when they are learning to speak, it is often difficult to detect an articulation disorder during the first years of life. Cause for concern arises when such errors persist past typical ages so that, for instance, speech remains largely unintelligible at the age of 3, or if a child of any age evinces anxiety or embarrassment when attempting to speak.

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