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Art Research Papers

Paper Masters gives students help with art research papers whenever we can. One of the many ways we offer writing assistance is to offer research paper topic suggestions on virtually any and all areas of academic study. Art research paper topic suggestions come in the form of art history, architecture, artists, film, music, theater and plays, and works of art topics. Use any art research paper topic seen here or order your own, unique custom written project on any topic you wish.


Art Research Paper Topics

Architecture - Research paper topic suggestions on architecture in the United States and around the world.

Art History - Includes instructions on writing a detailed research paper on art history.

Artists - Art topics on artists such as Warhol, Puni, Monet, and more.

Film - Film research paper topics may ask you to pick a Movie and examine it on a claim based argument, requiring professional reviews of the film of your choice.

Music - Music topics througohut the ages are suggested with unique research paper topic ideas for students.

Theater/Plays - Theater, plays, stage and drama topic suggestions.

Works of Art - A focus on topics that have to do with particular works of art, mainly paintings but various other genres are included, such as crafts and sculpture.


Ancient Roman Architecture - Ancient Roman Architecture research papers examine the numerous structures built by the Romans.

African Architecture - African Architecture Term Paper delves into the Romantic Period and the inspirations behind the architecture during this time.

Baroque Architecture - Baroque Architecture research papers discuss the European Architecture that began in the late 16th century.

Buckingham Fountain - Buckingham Fountain Research Paper looks at the design and the immensity of this fountain and the history.

Christopher Wren - Christopher Wren Term Paper delves into the life of this brilliant architect, and his design of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Frank Gehry - This is a research paper on Frank Gehry, the architect. The project will be biographical and discuss his work.

Gothic Revival - Gothic Revival term papers analyze the architectural style popular in England beginning in the 1740s.

Great Flavian Amphitheater - The Great Flavian Amphitheater Research Paper explores the structure of the Coliseum and how its a living legacy.

Leaning Tower of Pisa - The Leaning Tower of Pisa Research Paper examines the Italian landscape, and the history of its construction.

Lysippos - Lysippos Research Paper explores one of the greatest greek sculptors of the Classical Age.

Medieval Architecture - Study of the two types of medieval architecture: Religious and Military.

Peter Behrens - Peter Behrens Research Paper explores the career of a painter and graphic artist.

Properties of Engineering Materials - The object of the research presentation is to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate an ability to use references and access electronic information relating to the properties of engineering materials, and to effectively present this information.

Take a Walk In Your Town - How to write an examination of the archetecture in your town.

Walter Gropius - Walter Gropius Research Paper explores the life of one of the most prominent architects of the twentieth century.

Art History

Art From 20th Century Western Civilization - Art From 20th Century Western Civilization Term Paper discusses different artisitc techniques.

Bauhaus Movement- Bauhaus Movement Research Paper examines one of the most successful artistic movements of art and it was founded by Walter Gropius.

The Cinema- The Cinema Research Paper explores the history of motion pictures, and the movie technology developed over the years.

Contemporary Culture- Contemporary Culture Research Paper discusses an example order that explains the guidelines of project on American identity.

Dadaism- Dadaism Research Paper examines an international art movement that took place between 1915 and 1922.

Early Renaissance - Early Renaissance painting term papers look at the era of Greek and Roman paintings along with Italian Artists.

Early Renaissance Painting - Examining the paintings of the early renaissance period and their painters.

Egyptian Art- Egyptian Art Term Paper discusses the many styles and forms used in this type of art.

Expressionists- Expressionists Research Paper delves into the artistic styles of the painters of this era.

Fine Art and Folk Art- Fine Art and Folk Art Research Paper compares and contrasts these two forms of art.

Greek Art- Greek Art Term Paper discusses the works of ancient Greek architecture.

The Grotesque in Art and Popular Culture – Focuses on the concept of the grotesque and artists and writing and art theory writing.

High Renaissance – High Renaissance research papers examine the Italian Renaissance period famous for artists such as Leonardo Davinci and Michelangelo.

History of Chinese Art- History of Chinese Art Research Paper delves into the changes of Chinese art over the years.

Impressionism – Impressionism research papers reveal the attitudes of this western artistic tradition indicative of Renoir and other artists.

International Gothic – International Gothic research papers overview the style of painting that contrasts with the Early Renaissance era art.

Iyoba Pendant Mask- Iyoba Pendant Mask term paper examines a 16th century mask that is displayed in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Medieval Art - An overview of the Medieval era in art history.

Michelangelo and Giotto – Although more than one hundred years separate the death and birth of Michelangelo and Giotto they share many similarities as well as contrasts.

Modern Art 1851-1929 - Modern Art 1851-1929 by RICHARD BRETTELL is divided into chapters that address the social, economic and political changes of the time period along with documenting the revolutions in communications systems and technology.

Museum Object Analysis- Museum Object Analysis Research Paper explores a sample paper order that you actually have to visit a museum to help with your research.

Nazi Art – Nazi Art research papers discuss Nazi Germany and the Art of the Weimer Republic and Hitler’s era.

Nazi Painting – Nazi Painting essays look at the propaganda put out by Nazi Germany through their influencial artists.

Peter Henry Emerson- Peter Henry Emerson Research Paper looks at a photographer and the developer of the technique of differential focus.

Surrealist Movement- Surrealist Movement Research Paper delves into the leader of this movement, and the two forms of paintings abstract and symbolic.

Vikings Ships- Vikings Ships Term Paper examines a sample of an order placed on the designs and decorations that are reflected on the vikings ships.


Allan D’Arcangelo - Allan D’Arcangelo Research Paper goes into the life and work of this pop artist, and discuss several of his creations.

Andy Warhol - One of the greatest contemporary artists. Paper Masters gives a topic suggestions on this pop artist and how to start your research paper on Andy Warhol.

Arkadius Weremczuk - Arkadius Weremczuk Research Paper looks at this Polish fashion designer, and some of his designs.

Art of Ivan Puni - Art of Ivan Puni Research Paper discusses a sample of an order placed for essays on different paintings by this artist and would like different aspects analyzed.

Arthur Dove - Arthur Dove Research Paper examines the style, and influences of this artist.

Chuck Close - Chuck Close Research Paper examines a portrait artist and how his career began.

Cindy Sherman - Cindy Sherman Research Paper discusses the life of one of the most respected artists, and her study of the feminine identity.

Claude Monet - Claude Monet Term Paper delves into this impressionist painters style, and his life growing up.

Coco Chanel - Coco Chanel Term Paper discusses her life’s struggles and successes.

Diego Velazquez - Diego Velázquez Term Paper studies this artists painting The Maids of Honor or also known as Las Meninas and also the significance of it.

Erick Hawkins - Erick Hawkins Term Paper looks at Hawkins as a “true dance radical”, and takes a glimpse at his style.

Expressionists - Expressionists Research Paper delves into the artistic styles of the painters of this era.

Frederic Church - Frederic Church Research Paper discusses one of the most influential painters of the Hudson River School.

Gianni Versace - Gianni Versace Term Paper looks at this Italian designer’s accomplishments.

Giotto - Giotto di Bondone was born around 1266 near Florence, Italy.

Giotto di Bondone - Giotto di Bondone Research Paper explores the life of this Italian painter, and his accomplishments.

Henri Matisse - Henri Matisse Term Paper goes into what the artist wants the audience to feel when looking at the painting.

Jacopo Robusti - Jacopo Robusti Reseach Paper delves into the life of one of the most gifted artists of the 16th century.

John Singleton Copley - John Singleton Copley Research Paper discusses his life and the type of portraits he painted.

Joseph Leyendecker - Joseph Leyendecker Research Paper looks at one of the greatest illustrators of all time, and his cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

Kamisaka Sekka - Kamisaka Sekka Research Paper examines an artisit that is known as the father of modern design in Japan.

Leonardo da Vinci - Leonardo da Vinci research papers report on the artists life and work, especially the Mona Lisa, one of his most famous paintings.

Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton Research Paper looks at a designer that is a producer of quality luggage, and other luxury accessories.

Martha Graham - Martha Graham Research Paper delves into the life of one of the top one hundred most important Americans in the twentieth century.

Mary Wigman - Mary Wigman Research Paper delves into breathing techniques, and the development of her own form of dance.

Mi Fei and Korean Art - Mi Fei and Korean Art Research Paper explores the nature of his influence and the probable way in which it was transmitted.

Michelangelo - Born in 1475, Michelangelo showed an early fascination with the arts, but was discouraged from actively pursuing that interest by his family.

Rembrandt van Rijn - Rembrant van Rijn Research Paper discusses a few of this Baroque Painters pieces of art.

Renoir - Renoir term papers analyze the Impressionism of the famous painter.

Renoir’s Sour Period - Renoir’s Sour Period research papers chronicle the artist’s artistic crisis.

Roberto Matta - Roberto Matto Research Paper explores the life of an artist and the people he met, and how they influenced his art work over the years.

Shklovsky - Shklovsky identifies the most powerful aspect of art to be the means by which the familiar is made unfamiliar.

The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky - Research paper topic suggestion on the ballet dancer, using his biography.


12 Angry Men - Analysis on the film 12 Angry Men from the perspective of the jurors.

A Beautiful Mind - A Beautiful Mind Research Paper looks at a true story about John Nash, a man who had schizophrenia, and comparing the movie and the disorder.

African American Film- African American Film research paper that delves into how African Americans were in involved with film since 1915.

Alvy Singer- Alvy Singer term paper looks at a character played by Woody Allen from the film Annie Hall.

Amelie French Film – The French film Amelie makes a fascinating research paper topic to explore for any Introduction to film course or even an advance film class.

American Beauty- American Beauty Research Paper explores the caustic view of contemporary suburban life.

Annie Hall- Annie Hall Research Paper discusses a film by Woody Allen that won four academy awards, and is said to be one of the most stereotypical “Woody Allen film.”

Armageddon- Armageddon Research Paper discusses a movie written by Robert Roy Pool about a possible obliteration of the world by a giant meteor.

Asian American Communities in Film – Discusses Asian American Communities in film with a thesis of your choosing.

The Caine Mutiny- The Caine Mutiny Research Paper discusses a film of one of the best military courtroom dramas.

Censorship in the Movies - The process of Censorship is discussed, as well as why certain movies are censored.

Chicago- Chicago Research Paper looks at an academy award winning film about two women who get away with murder and the man that helped them.

Chocolat Analysis- Chocolat Analysis Term Paper explores a sample of an order placed on the contrast and comparison of Chocolat the movie and the book.

Cinderella Man – This is an essay on Ron Howard’s Cinderella Man. It is more than a movie review. The paper must discuss the historical theme and its entertainment value.

The Cinema- The Cinema Research Paper explores the history of motion pictures, and the movie technology developed over the years.

Citizen Kane- Citizen Kane Research Paper explores a film that shows a dark side to human nature with its main character Charles Foster Kane.

Comparison of Ghettos in a Book and Movie- Comparison of Ghettos in a Book and Movie Term Paper looks at a sample of an order placed on comparing a book to a movie either choosing The Pianist or Schindler’s List.

The Constant Gardener – Explores the unethical practices of multinational pharmaceutical firms, the exploitation of impoverished populations, and the corruption of Kenyan health officials.

Cop Shows or Cop Film- Cop Shows or Film Research Paper explores an order placed on a compare and contrast paper on cops television shows and cop movies.

Cult Comparison in Film – For generations, Hollywood has tried to depict a glamorized perspective of American life, including both the good and the bad.

The Daughters of the Dust- The Daughters of the Dust Term Paper illustrates the connectedness of African Americans in their traditional customs and their emergence into the blended society.

Death in The Seventh Seal - Death in The Seventh Seal term papers discuss the Ingmar Bergmar film that explores the Black Plague.

Don Juan DeMarco – Centers on Johnny Depp’s mental state since he truly believes he is the famous historical character Don Juan, the infamous lover.

Easy Rider- Easy Rider Research Paper looks at a film about three college guys that ponder questions about life in the 1960′s.

The Full Monty- The Full Monty Research Paper discusses a group of unemployed steelworkers, and their relationships.

Gangster Films in Global Cinema- Gangster Films in Global Cinema Term Paper looks at a sample of an order placed for a comparison of different ganster films.

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo – In 2009, the movie titled The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo was released in theaters.

Glory – African American Soldiers and the Civil War term papers look at the entry of black soldiers into the Civil War.

The Godfather- The Godfather Term Paper looks at the 1972 film which is focused on a sociological study of violence, power, and corruption.

Gods and Generals- Gods and Generals research paper explores a film directed by Ron Maxwell that is a prequel to the film Gettysburg.

Golden Age of Hong Kong Cinema- Golden Age of Hong Kong Cinema Term Paper looks at Hong Kong’s film production from 1981 to 1993, and who dominated the big screen during this time frame.

Good Will Hunting – Film research papers are seldom summaries of a plot but rather an in depth look at the value of the film.

Goodfellas- Goodfellas Research Paper delves into a film about gangsters and criminal activity, and compares the evil of two characters.

Hays Code - Topic suggestion on the Hays Code in early film production.

Hitchcock Movies – Hitchcock Movies research papers analyzes the plot, the characters, symbolism, theme, and point of view of any Hitchcock movies.

Hollywood “book” Musicals- Hollywood “book” Musicals Research Paper explores an example of an order on a musical film, and how the film conforms to the traditional genre model.

Ides of MarchThe Ides of March is based on a play written by Beau Willimon and follows the life of a political staff member that is assisting a new Presidential candidate on the campaign trail.

Introduction to Film- Introduction to Film Research Paper examines an order placed on how to analyze, interpret meaning, and evaluate films.

Kanehsatake- Kanehsatake Research Paper discusses an award winning film details the 270 yrs of history between teh Mohawk,and the British, French, and Canadians.

Katharine Hepburn- Katharine Hepburn Term Paper looks at this actress’s life.

The King’s Speech – The King’s Speech is a British historical drama released in 2010.

Kingdom of Heaven- Film Kingdom of Heaven Term Paper delves into an example of an order placed for a film analysis that requires two full length professional reviews of the film.

Kramer vs. Kramer –  This is a movie review on Kramer vs. Kramer.  It will review the film from a social work point of view.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen- The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen term paper looks at a film directed by Stephen Norrington and reviews this film.

Literature and Film – Discusses the difference between reading a book and watching a movie.

Lone Star- Lone Star Research Paper delves into a movie about a mystery, and has all the cliffhangers of a soap opera.

Labyrinth by Pan - For this film research paper topic, Paper Masters suggests you analyze the religious aspects of the film and compare them to mosén Millán and his view of how things should be in the town, and if his ideas could give more insight into why he decided to turn Paco in to the authorities.

Mack Sennett- Mack Sennett Research Paper discusses this film maker, his film style, and the historical impact of his work.

Mad Love and The Rules – This essay explores the points of intersection and divergence between the popular self-help book The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right and the 1995 film Mad Love.

The Maltese Falcon – Order custom art essays on a topic like this one on a scene from The Maltese Falcon.

The Man Who Knew Too Much- The Man Who Knew Too Much Research Paper looks at a film by Alfred Hitchcock about a traveling couple who accidentally become part of an international plot to kill the Prime Minister.

Marilyn Monroe’s Death- Marilyn Monroe’s Death Research Paper delves into an example of an art research paper with specific information that must be included in the paper, and the sources that are legitimate.

Mary Reilly- Mary Reilly Research Paper explores a comparison of the movie and the book, and which presents a stronger version of the character.

The Matrix- The Matrix Research Paper looks at the apparent world of an apparent society that is essentially illusory and controlled by computer programs.

Memento Analysis – The film Momento is a complex film with a great crime story line. Students will often see Momento on their syllabus for an Introduction to Film course.

Minority Report- Minority Report Research Paper looks at the film by Steven Spielberg, and discusses attitudes found in the film and its political content.

Misery- Misery Research Paper is a film based on a novel by Stephen King about an author that is in an accident, who is saved by his number one fan, who becomes violent.

The Monster Movie- The Monster Movie Term Paper examines the the history of the monster movies from the 1930′s to the 1990′s.

Monster Movies From 1965-1991- Monster Movies From 1965-1991 Term Paper looks at how the censorship of horror movies has changed from the 1960′s to the early 1990′s.

Moulin Rouge – This is a research paper on Moulin Rouge. It is a comparison of the old Hollywood style musicals and Moulin Rouge.

Movie and Book Comparison- Movie and Book Comparison Research Paper examines how to order an comparative paper, with specific instructions.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding- My Big Fat Greek Wedding Research Paper looks at a sample of a order placed to analyze an opening scene of a movie.

Mystic River – examiniation of he film Mystic River.

The Nantucket Film Festival- The Nantucket Film Festival Research Paper discusses this annual event that allows independent directors and screenwriters to show their work.

North by Northwest- North by Northwest Research Paper delves into a film by Alfred Hitchcock about the United States Government and their use of spies during the Cold War.

O Brother, Where Art Thou- O Brother, Where Art Thou Research Paper looks at a film about three escaped convicts who set out to find buried treasure.

Once Were Warriors- Once Were Warriors Research Paper delves into the Maori Tribe in New Zealand and the harsh, and gritty events that nearly destroy their family.

Personality Disorder found in Fatal Attraction- Personality Disorder found in Fatal Attraction Research Paper looks at a movie about a married man who has an affair with a woman that has this disorder, and the events that follow when he tries to end it.

Philadelphia Story – This essay presents a discussion of the first scene of George Cukor’s movie, The Philadelphia Story.

The Piano by Jane Campion – The Piano by Jane Campion term paper discusses the film in comparision to the novel.

Pick a Movie- Pick a Movie Research Paper examines an order placed on a claim based argument, requiring professional reviews of the film of your choice.

Platoon- Platoon Term Paper explores Oliver Stone’s work on a man Chris Taylor played by Charlie Sheen’s experience in Vietnam War.

Pretty Woman- Pretty Woman Research Paper discusses a movie about how the different social classes in society are treated.

Primal Fear- Primal Fear Research Paper looks at a movie about a young man who viciously murdered a priest.

Pursuit of Happiness- Pursuit of Happiness Research Paper looks at a sample of a order placed on an assignment based on a movie.

Rebel Without a Cause- Rebel Without a Cause Research Paper looks at a movie starring James Dean about a teenager that is struggling to fit in.

The Red Violin- The Red Violin Research Paper explores a violin that seems to touch the lives of everyone that it comes in contact with.

Roger and Me- Roger and Me Research Paper delves into a documentary film by Michael Moore about the effect that the GM plant closings had on his hometown and the community.

Saving Private Ryan – This is a research paper on the film Saving Private Ryan. The film’s historical accuracy will be the center of the project.

Schindler’s List- Schindler’s List Term Paper goes into the lives of the Jewish people, and also that of the Nazi tormentors.

Science Fiction FilmsScience-Fiction is a sub-genre of the fantasy film, films that are scientific, visionary and imaginative in nature. Essays on science fiction films should be custom written and focus on style and technical elements.

The Seventh Seal – Seventh Seal term papers analyze Ingmar Bergman’s film of a man searching for God amoung death.

Shakespeare in Love- Shakespeare in Love Research Paper studies the film and the inaccuracies and accuracies.

The Sixth Sense- The Sixth Sense Research Paper examines this psychological thriller starring Bruce Willis who plays a psychologist.

Sociology of Film- Sociology of Film Research Paper delves into an order placed on the cinematic analysis and also the sociological framework of four different films.

Spider-Man Two- Spider-Man Two Research Paper delves into a movie that contains two main struggles good versus evil and the internal struggle that Peter Parker faces.

Spike Lee- Spike Lee Research Paper goes into the life of a filmmaker and gives a synoposis of his films.

Star Wars- Star Wars Research Paper delves into what different critics had to say about the movie directed by George Lucas.

A Thousand Acres - A Thousand Acres term papers review the film with Jessica Lange and Jason Robards.

The Time Traveler’s Wife – This is the love story between Henry, a man with a genetic disorder that causes him to travel through time, and Clare his wife and the inspiration for the title.

Two Forms of Performance- Two Forms of Performance Research Paper delves into an example of how to order a paper on a comparative critique.

Walt Disney- Walt Disney Research Papers explores the life of the greatest and best known iconic figure in the twentieth century.

Why Hollywood Glamorizes Organized Crime- Why Hollywood Glamorizes Organized Crime Research Paper looks at three perspectives on this question, one being the relationship of organized crime to Hollywood, the ability of mafia entertainment to sell.

William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing- William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing Research Paper delves into an order placed on a film with specific questions to be answered.

The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars- The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars Research Paper goes into the similarities between two of the most popular films of the 20th century.


Art Essays Custom Written

Aerosmith I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing- Aerosmith I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing research paper examines a song by Aerosmith that was put in the soundtrack of the box office smash Armageddon.

African American Music Industry – This is an essay on the African American Music Industry and its key figures. A complete time line from the creation of Motown to now will be discussed.

African Music – Discusses both the musical genre and its african precursor.

Beach Boys God Only Knows- Beachboys God Only Knows research paper examines a song performed by the Beachboys and discussed the meaning of the lyrics.

The Beatles- The Beatles Research Paper goes into one of the biggest music phenomenons and examines a few of their hit songs.

Beethoven- Beethoven Term Paper delves into the life of one of the most famous composers in history.

Bernard Herrmann- Bernard Herrmann Research Paper delves into the life of this musical legacy spans a number of musical genres and venues including orchestration, radio, and film.

Blues Styles – The blues styles, classic blues and acoustic urban blues co-existed for large parts of the 1920s and 1930s.

Bob Marley- Bob Marley Term Paper looks at this reggae’s rhythms and the impact upon world of music.

Country and Western Music- Country and Western Music Term Paper examines three songs There’s Life Out There, Boot Up the Ass, and Nobody Believed in You, and looks at their relationship history, and cultural relevance.

Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis- Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis Research Paper explores the performance styles and music of two of the greatest figures.

Gus Giordano- Gus Giordano Research Paper looks at his history in jazz dance, and his beginnings in the art of ballet.

Haydn- Haydn Term Paper looks at one of the important composers of the eighteenth century.

James Brown- James Brown Research Paper explores one of the most dynamic performers in American music history.

Jerry Bergonzi- Jerry Bergonzi Term Paper delves into the life of this jazz musician, and composer.

Jim Morrison and The Doors- Jim Morrison and The Doors Term Paper delves into a band from the 1960′s, and songs on their first album.

Johann Sebastian Bach- Johann Sebastian Bach Research Paper looks at the life of this composer and influences and experiences that helped shape him.

Madonna- Madonna Research Paper discusses a pop idols life and her starring role in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Marilyn Manson- Marilyn Manson Research Paper delves into the childhood and life of this singer and his introduction to drugs and Satanism.

Michael Jackson Biography- Michael Jackson Biography Research Paper examines the life of one the worlds most famouse musicians.

Middle Ages Music – The roots of music from this time period can be found in the Gregorian Chants performed by monks, named for Pope Gregory I in the sixth century.

Middle Eastern Music- Middle Eastern Music Term Paper explores this cultures music.

Misogyny and the Emcee – Answers 8 major questions about the book Misogyny and the Emcee.

Music History – Essay questions on Music History, mainly during the Baroque and Classical Periods.

Musical Life During Baroque Era – Compare and contrast the musical life of two cities or courts in Europe during the Baroque Era.

Pearl Bailey- Pearl Bailey Research Paper explores the life of this African American performer, and autobiographies written by her.

Robert Shaw- Robert Shaw Research Paper discusses a musical legend with his choral conducting.

Sarah Vaughan- Sarah Vaughan Research Paper explores the life of this musical legend.

Tupac Amaru Shakur- Tupac Amaru Shakur Research Paper looks at the life of this rapper, his music, poetry, and death.

The Two Versions of Gigue – Analyzes the two versions of Gigue by Ennemond Gaultier and Jean-Henri D’Anglebert.

The Wall: A Complete Analysis- The Wall: A Complete Analysis Research Paper looks at a book by Bret Urick that dissects Pink Floyd’s album The Wall.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart research papers are custom written art essays that focus on the famous pianist.

Theater and Drama

12 Angry Men – In 12 Angry Men (1997), we are given over to view not the process of a jury, not a literal jury deciding a case of a literal life, instead, we are hearing and seeing twelve different choices our minds can make; twelve different paths our anger can take.

Kabuki- Kabuki Research Paper explores this Japanese style of dance that came about in the 1600′s.

Modernism in Theater – An essay on modernism in theater show that an essential element of the unique aesthetic sensibility that imbued modernist theater was a renewed focus upon the human form and the ontological implications of the human body.

Rent- Rent Research Paper delves into a musical by Jonathan Larson about a group of young artists living in New York.

Social or Moral Theme- Social or Moral Theme Research Paper looks at a preview of how to place an order on a comparison and contrast of two plays.

Works of Art

African Masks - Research paper topic suggestion on the tradition of African Masks and their relationship to fetishes.

Artistic Representations of Zeus – Artistic Representations of Zeus term paper overviews several instances of the Greek God Zeus from Greek Mythology in art.

Coiled Basketry- Coiled Basketry Research Paper delves into the history and contemporary application of coiled baskets.

Picasso’s Girl Before a Mirror – Picasso’s Girl before a Mirror reflects a woman looking not out to her viewers as the Ramos women do, but rather into the mirror, and into herself.

Kirchners Street Dresden- Kirchner’s Street, Dresden Term Paper looks at a painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner that hangs in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The Last Supper- The Last Supper Research Paper discusses the restoration of this painting, and the differences in the two new paintings compared to the original.

Lise Sewing by Renoir - Lise Sewing by Renoir term paper explores the renaissance era painter and his use of color.

Marionette Essay – Marionettes that populated experimental modernism in theater came to signify a number of the emergent philosophies and aesthetic principles that were in currency during the period.

Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel – The Sistine Chapel is an example of Michelangelo’s impatience with others as previously mentioned.

Michelangelo’s David – Michelangelo’s David, created in 1504, represents not only the artist’s incredible talent for sculpting the human form.

Michelangelo’s Pieta – Michelangelo’s most famous piece of sculpture is probably the Pieta of 1498-9.

Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement – In the Last Judgement, we can still see his delight in the beauty of the nude human figure.

Starry Night- Starry Night Term Paper inspects Vincent Van Gogh’s painting and the meaning behind it.

Transformation Masks – This is a term paper on the transformation masks used by the Native American Indians. How they were used and their purpose will be examined.