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Art of Storytelling Among Native American Tribes

How do you start a Art of Storytelling Among Native American Tribes research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

A paper on the "Art of Storytelling Among Native American Tribes" focuses on storytelling and the different types of passing on information used in the Native American Tribes, past and present. Some interesting topics to focus on may be:

  • How they used animals in the telling of their stories.
  • How they tell stories, oral, cave painting, totem poles etc. Art of Storytelling Among Native American Tribes
  • The importance of this art form to the culture of Native Americans.
  • What tribes are well known for their storytelling.

Always focus on different tribes among the different cultural areas of North America, i.e. Southeast, Plains, Northeast, Southwest, Great Basin, Plateau, Sub Arctic, Arctic, North West Coast and California. Be sure to use only scholarly sources and be careful of bogus internet sites.

Key Features of the Art of Storytelling Among Native American Tribes

The following is what you will want to include in your Art of Storytelling Among Native American Tribes research paper:

  1. A summary paragraph that describes the goal of your research paper on Art of Storytelling Among Native American Tribes
  2. An outline listing the headings and subheadings of your paper
  3. A list and short description of your references in your research paper


A Research Paper on the Importance of Storytelling is Suggested

In the tradition of story-telling, the oral passing of stories cannot be encapsulated with text, but must be experienced by the audience first hand leastwise the aesthetic feel for the story, the heart of the story is lost.  These oral stories are important to the cultural inheritance of Native Americans, historians, and to people who enjoy a good Coyote story.  Without these traditional thumbprints, a large part of culture is lost. 

The keen nature of the Native American oral story is one in which audience participate accentuates the liveliness and the realness of the story.  The narrator’s authority is determined by a slew of precise interactions, demeanor, tonality, and kinesic features.  In Wiget’s chapter the slight variations of traditional story-telling include song significance, (some cultures do not include the song or include another template for the song) and the reason for this may also be the narrator’s choosing to incorporated or discard certain story features depending on their culture, or even reading the nuances of the audience and determining whether or not the audience would like the song.  In the areas of text, texture, and context cultures can change and manipulate the tradition of the story; the way in which the manipulation changes is also contingent upon whether the story-teller is Hopi, Navajo, etc.  The most important feature for any Native American culture with regards to story telling is that of the narrator/audience relationship.

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