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Art of Ivan Puni Research Papers

This is a research paper topic suggestiong on several paintings by Russian artist Ivan Albertovich Puni (1892-1956). Custom research papers on artists can be written on any one artist or his style of art. For example the art of Ivan Puni included many different styles, such as:

  1. Suprematism
  2. Cubism
  3. Cubo-Futurism
  4. Painted Synthetic compositions
  5. Revolutionary arts
  6. Advertising signboards
  7. Cubistic still-lifes, collages
  8. Figurative compositions/paintings etc.

This is an essential writing assignment on formal analysis, discussion of 10 Paintings that you want to include in your research paper, some analytic comments by the authors discussing the particular style.

Art of Ivan Puni

Formal Analysis:

In other words, when writing about the art of a man like Ivan Puni, you’re looking at the individual elements:

  1. Composition (arrangement of parts in the work)
  2. Color
  3. Line
  4. Texture
  5. Scale
  6. Proportion
  7. Balance
  8. Contrast
  9. Rhythm

Your primary concern in this assignment is to attempt to explain how the artist arranges and uses these various elements. Think of the object as a series of decisions that an artist made. To figure out and describe, explain, and interpret those decisions and why the artist may have made them.

Stylistic Analysis:

Also an essay should include some stylistic analysis to some particular painting and talk about its style.

  1. Maybe to compare the discussed works in either the same or very different stylistic categories–e.g., comparing Picasso’s work.
  2. A stylistic analysis will acquaint you with some of the larger historical trends and forces in the culture and how they influenced the development of these particular works of art painted by Puni.

Other Things to Consider in the Paper:

  1. You may also discuss or to comment the significance of the history of the painting
  2. The circumstances surrounding its production
  3. Were these works meant for the specific exhibition
  4. Have they been discussed in some catalogues or not, were they been shown in an exhibition?
  5. All these maybe you might want to include in the paper
  6. The way in which the work fits into artist’s development, how the work fits into the period
  7. The inherent value of the work

The essay for the painting that helps the reader and viewer to understand why the work is worth looking at and is worth reading about. In fact, it should help the reader to see the work more clearly, more fully.

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