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Aristotle and Happiness

It is the purpose of this research paper to discuss the notion of happiness as it appears in Aristotle’s work. A good term paper on Aristotle and happiness will point out that for Aristotle actions have purposes; that is, when we do something we usually do it for the sake of something else.  Aristotle and HappinessThus we go to school for the sake of having a career, we pursue a career for the sake of the ability such gives us to enjoy security, possessions, and to do our share of society’s work.  But we do these things for the sake of something else in turn. 

There is thus a chain of actions each of which is done for the sake of the next one in line.  Aristotle says that this chain ends in happiness.  Happiness is the one thing pursued for its own sake; it is not pursued for the sake on anything else. That is the first attribute of happiness we should note; it lies at the end of a chain, it is the endpoint at what human behavior aims at.

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