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Archaeology Research Papers

Archaeology research papers can cover a wide variety of topics for geography. Since archaeology provides such a unique insight into human history, Paper Masters has many writers that can custom write archaeology research papers.

Archaeology is the study of human activity from the past, carried out through the recovery of artifacts. While perhaps not as glamorous as Indiana Jones, archaeology combines science and humanities in order to understand prehistory ancient history, and the not-too-distant past.

Many archaeologists spend much of their time doing fieldwork using the following methods of archeological research:

  • Conducting surveys on possible sites
  • Excavations of sites thought to contain valuable cultural artifacts
  • Remote sensing
  • Analysis of excavations
  • Virtual archaeology
  • Drone searches

Archaeology recently made headlines around the world when the skeleton of Medieval English king Richard III was discovered underneath a parking lot. This fieldwork was combined with laboratory DNA testing to determine that the bones were indeed those of Richard III.

Archaeology in the 19th Century

Archaeology developed as a scientific pursuit in the 19th century, when fascination with antiquity led explorers in search of the lost treasures of Troy or Egypt. One of the most famous archaeological explorations in history was the 1922 discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun (King Tut) by Howard Carter. Carter was lucky enough to find a tomb that had been undisturbed for centuries, one that yield a vast quantity of artifacts, some quite beautiful.

Archaeology is a varied field that encompasses a wide variety of techniques and focuses on numerous cultures. Archaeology also benefits from modern scientific instruments, such as satellite imagery and remote sensing in order to help better survey a site.

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