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Anesthesia Management of a Pneumonectomy

This is a topic suggestion on Anesthesia Management of a Pneumonectomy from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Research paper 2 of 3 in AMA format that analyses anesthesia related topics. Just the facts please. One paper will need to be presented and defended before course faculty.

Format will consist of three sections

  1. Anesthesia Management of a PneumonectomyABSTRACT

Title should be brief and should accurately describe the topic of the paper and consist of no more than 20 words and typed in an inverted pyramid form. Title will be Anesthesia Management of a Pneumonectomy.

Abstract: brief and consist of one and a half full pages. Summarize key points presented in the literature review.

Literature review for Anesthesia Management

  1. Begin with relevant review of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology of the lung. Include Pulmonary airways and volumes, Pulmonary vasculature, blood flow, Ventilation-Perfusion relationships in the upright, lateral positions with regards to one lung ventilation also. West zones of the lung should be used.
  2. Include Pharmacology that adequately establishes a foundation for discussion of anesthetic management.
  3. The anesthetic management section should adequately describe:
    • Preoperative management and concepts from the literature and should include as much specific information as possible, consistent with the topic. Preoperative considerations like patient presentation with regards to respiratory status and tests associated with them, Cardiovascular considerations, Monitoring equipment, pre-medication, epidural or not, etc…
    • Intraoperative management: Should include Induction medications and doses, Intubation types, one lung intubation and techniques. Positioning of the patient, Ventilation of the patient and problems associated with one- lung ventilation, and Drug management during the case. Also include fluid management, emergence and extubation.
    • Postoperative management: Cardiopulmonary issues, Respiratory issues, pain issues and management, with an ending describing complications in the post operative period.

Further Instructions for Anesthesia Management

  1. One-inch margins should be used
  2. Level 1, 2, and 3 headings allowed as outlined in the AMA.
  3. No tables and figures should be used.
  4. Audience is PHD instructors with extensive medical background, very meticulous in their critique and little patience for fluff and/or bad grammar.
  5. Do not use abbreviations, Acronyms, and initialisms, unless they are internationally approved and accepted units of measurements.
  6. 35 references with 20 coming within the last 5 years and limited to 2 textbooks.

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