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Research Papers on Ancient Egypt Culture

Ancient Egypt Culture research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

As one of the planet’s oldest civilizations, Ancient Egypt is a point of great fascination for scholars. Understanding this society and their culture is essential to fully understanding their history. Most Egyptians were farmers, using the fertile land near the delta of the Nile River as the primary agricultural source. Families lived in a simple dwelling made of bricks of mud, and usually homes were only populated by immediate family members. Kitchens had an open roof; walls were white and were often covered with linen. Ancient Egypt CultureReed mats lined the floors and furniture was diverse. Women were responsible for domestic tasks, while men traditionally provided for their families through outside employment.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness was a common feature of Ancient Egyptian culture; perhaps this is one reason why they were able to sustain their population as long as they did. Soap was made from animal fat and chalk; most people bathed in the Nile. Men shaved their entire bodies, and perfumed oils and ointments were commonplace. Clothing was very simple, usually made of white linen.

As a society, the Ancient Egyptians incorporated music and dance, including the following:

  • Primitive flutes made by Ancient Egyptians
  • Harps
  • Pipe instruments
  • The sistrum

The sistrum was an important musical instrument in religious events; it was a rattle-like device made of metal. Indoor and outdoor games were common forms of entertainment for the masses, while wealthier members of society enjoyed selective activities such as hunting and boating. The greatest source of information about Egyptian culture is derived from hieroglyphics depicting these various activities, while the excavation of certain sites have provided archaeologists with extensive physical evidence to be studied, as well.

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