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Among School Children


Begin with a brief of overview of the book Among School Children Research Paper:

  1. Where did the author get their info. who does the book focus on
  2. Where is it set etc.?
  3. THIS SHOULD NOT BE A SUMMARY OF THE BOOK just enough introductory information to give context for your analysis

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Among School Children

Other Questions to Consider When Writing the Among School Children Research Paper:

  1. What did the book tell you about the challenges of working within a particular system, e.g. public education system, child protective services, juvenile justice?
  2. What insights did the book give you about the professionals who work in these systems?
  3. How and in what circumstances did they feel successful?
  4. What were their rewards? What were their frustrations?
  5. Was there a specific professional who you found to be inspiring? In what way?
  6. What did you learn about the needs of children and youth? Were there particular children or youth whose stories an circumstances opened your eyes to problems an issues you had not previously considered?
  7. From your experience, class discussions and readings, and other knowledge, did the book present a realistic picture of the conditions of children and of the role of professionals?
  8. Did the book give you ideas about how conditions for children should change? Did it leave you with hope?

Evaluating Among School Children

Critically evaluate the book. Express your judgment on the quality, meaning and significance of the book. Is it a basic book report? What has the author tried to do, how well has the author succeeded, and what evidence can you offer to support this evaluation?

Other Items to Consider:

  1. Avoid the use of contractions, slang or jargon and the use of "I think" or In my opinion."
  2. State your ideas as facts your are trying to prove and then prove it with examples form the book.
  3. APA style for the book reference.

Overview of Among School Children:

Among School Children by Tracy Kidder (2001) is a collection of vignettes that follow a class of elementary school students headed by Mrs. Zajac. Although the book is at first difficult to comprehend—as it starts with no introduction to the subject material—after reading the first section, entitled “September” it becomes clear that what the author is attempting to convey through her writing is much more profound that what could be portrayed in a simple monograph that examines classroom management from the outside in. Among School Children attempts to provide for the reader an overview of what life is like in the average classroom. From disruptive students to those that strive for excellence, Kidder illustrates that not only do the dynamics of the classroom change from year-to-year, but in most cases they change from day-to-day as well.

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