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American Taliban Research Papers

The American Taliban is derogatory term used by some to refer to fundamentalist Christians in the United States. The term is used as a comparison to show the similarities between the fundamentalists Christian platform in the United States compared to the Islamic Taliban. American TalibanComparisons have been made in of the similarities around the desire of some to make the United States a national religion. This would eliminate the freedom for people to choose their own religion.

According to evangelical Christians, the United States was founded on Biblical principals. It is part of their mission to return the United States to a Christian nation. One way they have tried to make this change is by fighting to restore biblical teaching and principals back into schools.

Opponents cite that these evangelicals are going against the Constitution, which clearly defines a separation between church and state. According to the Constitution people are free to practice their religion of choice, but it also protects citizens from the establishment of a national religion.

The term America’s Taliban comes from the fact that many extreme right Christians support the following:

  1. Racist behavior
  2. Ostracize members of the LGBT community
  3. Fight against the feminist movement.

By pushing their religious agenda, they are “promoting religious extremism” that is similar to what has happened in Muslim countries under extremist rule. These Muslim extremists also regulate woman’s rights, high moral expectations, and controls what is taught in education.

It is interesting to note that the group coined as the American Taliban condemns the beliefs and actions of Muslim extremists.

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