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American Society in Research Papers

Many sociology courses will study American society in research papers and course projects. Paper Masters custom writes research papers that examine American society and all the elements that make up our unique culture and social elements. A research paper on any topic includes an analysis on society and culture and our writers will provide it.

American SocietyAmerican society can best be described as an amalgamation of various components such as:

  • Immigrant cultures
  • Ethnically diverse populations
  • A melting pot of racial diversity

It truly is a vast society with its own unique, identifiable characteristics. The over arching culture of the United States is still largely the result of Puritanical New England, as a traditional Protestant sense of morality lingers.

The Core of

American Society

The vast majority of American society prefers to categorize itself as middle class, although the reality is more diverse. America is home to not only some of the wealthiest people on the planet, but also pockets of extreme urban and rural poverty. For much of its history, American society was defined by race. Three centuries of legalized slavery, followed by another century of minority disenfranchisement continues to affect aspects of American society.

In some respects, American society is becoming polarized, characterized by its growing extreme form of politics, where the two party system is played out across America. Divides in American society are frequently more visible than the common threads of American identity. American society is also changing, as the traditional white European majority is losing ground, demographically. It has been projected that America will become a minority-majority nation by the middle of the 21st century, meaning that minority groups will comprise the largest segments of American society, including Latinos, Asian-Americans and African-Americans.

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