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American Heart Association

A common assignment on American Heart Association is as follows:

My capstone project will be based on this past summer internship at The American Heart Association.

This assignment:

1. Draft a Problem Statement
2. Draft Research Question (s)
3. Draft of Methodology

The following is what the capstone is all about. Paper Masters can help you compose a custom written capstone project that follows your guidelines.

American Heart Association

The Purpose of the Capstone Paper on American Heart Association Research Paper:

The Capstone Paper provides you with the opportunity to:

  1. Define a managerial or policy problem that you focused upon or observed to be an issue during your internship experience.
  2. Locate that problem within the theoretical literature of the applicable disciplines such as public administration, political science, sociology, economics, health policy, geography, organizational behavior, leadership, education, or criminal justice.
  3. Analyze the identified problem or issue within the context of the appropriate professional literature and your MPA core competencies.
  4. Recommend appropriate action that addresses the problem.
  5. Craft a document that is professional in content, structure, and style, and which demonstrates your ability to use theory to improve public or nonprofit managerial practice.
  6. Produce a document that provides tangible evidence of your competence and reflects positively on the professional education you received in the MPA program.

Getting Started on American Heart Association Research Paper:

  1. Start by identifying a topic that orients your paper. For example, if your internship required you to conduct a needs analysis for your organization, then you will probably want to structure your capstone paper around that, rather than a particular administrative procedure. Once you have identified the topic or problem associated with your paper, then it will be much easier to focus your literature review.
  2. The topic must be narrowly focused so as to be manageable within the strict time constraints of this course. It must also be of importance to the organization so that your analysis will be of use to agency administrators.

Organization of the Final Paper on American Heart Association Research Paper:

The text of your paper will be 25-40 pages, not including references, appendices, tables or figures. It must be organized as follows:

  1. Title page
  2. Copyright notice
  3. Committee Signature page
  4. Abstract
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Table of contents
  8. List of tables
  9. List of figures
  10. Body of manuscript
  11. References
  12. Appendixes (if applicable, use only if you need to include lengthy material not directly discussed in the body of the paper, such as a complete survey instrument, transcripts of in-depth interviews, comprehensive frequency distributions or correlation matrices, or detailed cost-benefit computations). Place IRB approval letters in the appendix.
    • Notes
    • Tables
    • Figures
  13. Your paper will be professional in content, structure, and appearance. Your paper must be free of errors of spelling and punctuation. Your paper must be written in accord with the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, and follow its standards for tables, references, substantive footnotes, etc. Your final draft must be bound and will be maintained in the MPA office; you also agree to provide an electronic copy which may be posted on the MPA web site.

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