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The French Film Amelie

This is a topic suggestion on Amelie French Film from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

The French film Amelie (2001) makes a fascinating research paper topic to explore for any Introduction to film course or even an advance film class. Insightful and though-provoking subtopics can be explored throughout the film and Paper Masters helps you flush these topics out here. Don’t provide a summary of the film but rather engage in a meaningful discussion of the film in your research project. Here are four ideas to get you started based upon the film Amelie:

Amelie French Film
  1. Reflect on the film and discuss the moments of the film that made you stop and think or struck you in some way. What made this moment interesting and what choices did the director make that led to this interesting or thought-provoking moment.
  2. Explore the filmmaker’s use of black and white in the film. Was this a wise choice for this film and why? Were other color affects used that helped elements of the film to stand out in any way?
  3. Think about the term “cinematic”. What makes a film cinematic and what elements in Amelie make it fit the definition of cinematic? Does the film maintain this title all the way through?
  4. What special effects were used in the film? In comparison of one other film of the same genre, did Amelie have more or less special effects? Did the special effects add or detract from the film or did the film need more?

Direct Jean-Pierre Jeunet told a fantastic story in the young heroine of Amelie. An introduction to film student may have to write a research paper on the film and Paper Masters suggests the ideas above to give a great start to any paper on Amelie.


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