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Aliens in the Bible

The gulf between religion and science in the modern West is often seen as insurmountable. Those who cite the Bible for the basis of their intellectual existence seek answers to all of their questions within the tome. Aliens in the BibleAt the same time, a significant number of people, especially since the scientific discovery of planets around other stars, believe in life elsewhere. Many scholars conclude that there are references to aliens in the Bible.

The Bible does not specifically state anything regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life. Many believe that stories regarding the interaction between angels and human beings are examples of aliens in the Bible. Some people believe that, because the physical presence of demons is mentioned in the Bible, these are also examples of aliens. The phenomenon of alien abduction, they believe, are continuing occurrences of the physical presence of such demons. Despite the fact that not a single case of alien abduction has been proven, those who believe in such occurrences are as convinced of their belief system as those who believe in religion.

The aliens in the Bible are not the spaceman extraterrestrial type of popular science fiction. Instead, the angels and demons that appear are described as “not of this world,” which fits the basic definition of extraterrestrial. Those who believe in either angels or aliens are often dismissed by those who maintain a rigorous belief in modern science.

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